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  1. Thank you Pulchritude and Nala very much for responding to my two main concerns. I really have three names I like to use Pulchritude, so I wouldnt mind creating my new main character under one of the other three names I like. I also have one character slot on my account free, which is good, since I can guarantee to transfer my outfit from Etrasil (current char.) to my new character (thank you for mentioning that Nala, much appreciated). So based on both of your responses, my current plan of action would be to: 1. Create a new character with a new name on Group 2 (Mushin Server
  2. Thank you for your advice. I have two major questions that would help me confirm whether or not I will follow it: 1.I know that there are character transfers that can be done. I was reading the support article in regards to that and they say that any item purchased via the HM store is account bound, which is good, as I bought a Rising Sun costume on my current main character. My character is also now level 16 so I am eligible. However, there seems to be an error (and it seems like support is already aware of this error). So, I guess what I'm asking is, would it be better to trans
  3. Thank you all so much for the advice. Really really helped clarify a lot of the things on my mind and you guys even answered some questions I was about to post. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Zayd and I'm a new player to Blade & Soul. Currently, I'm on the **Edited** (Mushin) Server and my character's name is **Edited** Ellaheh (Kung-Fu Master). Loving the survey idea btw! I just wanted to say I'm enjoying the game a lot so far (on my own at the moment but have two lvl 50's added who have been extremely friendly to me and offered me invaluable advice, like for example waiting to get to level 50 before buying the master's bundle and more tips and questions I had). I'm from ON, Canada and would like to start making more friends, and
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