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  1. Hi! I've been playing Blade And Soul for about two years now, And I've leveled many characters through out my time playing the game and I've seen it evolve into the game it is today. Blade and Soul has changed a bunch of things that have needed to be changed (like item evolution, skill changes and quality of life improvements) I think a lot of people are happy about the removal of side quests, and at first I was too. The side quests weren't exactly tedious, though some were annoying, I feel like you were able to finish them on the way to the story quest just fine and it gave y
  2. Hi~ You're going to have to be a lot more specific on which loading screen you're talking about. The official loading screens or the loading screen contest ones? The contest winners and their artwork is here . If it's any of the official artwork in the loading screens, I don't believe there is any versions with the text off. Hope this helps :)
  3. Why I always spec for malestorm and blade storm to protect party in SL....someone always forgets.... "You know the mechs?" *one person says yes. everyone else is silent* "welp" *three people are dead. the other three that know the mechs are alive*
  4. Hello! Setting up an art shop here in hopes that it will be successful! ~Info~ Server: Mushin -Willing to cross server trade although if you are in Mushin I prefer you just mail me. -Price is negotiable, I prefer you set the price and we can see what we can do from there. Contact me on here on this thread OR PM me, either works. When asking me to draw something for you, please provide the following things! ;v; : -A reference photo -The way you want me to draw your picture (Is it in a chibi style? full body? head shot only? waist up? Painted or wit
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