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  1. Sad to tell you Ive seen 3. And I dont do everyday. And I dont do more than 1 char.
  2. I can answer the first one. Its a combination of whos helping you with your ticket and how long ago it was. I think they do have a guidelines to guide them whether or not you get refunded. Also. If you did the upgrade more than 3 months ago or less time even, I dont think they will refund.
  3. I agree with them being able to reset skills are not for current patch... but... saying the WL should be penaltied is a little bit far. They are just using the skills that are implemented to the character. Also. Wl used to reset skills before. I wouldnt say they are exploiting anything. Its simply the games fault and they need to fix it. You are barking at the wrong tree... dont blame the WLs
  4. Since release. The moment you click spin the reward is gonna be in your mail. The animation is just for the anticipation.
  5. First of all if you are nice people will be nice back. And apparently you havebt searched enough or ask people in game about this? If you want details, how about put down some details about your gear first and being so harsh to people. Salvage your weapon and progress from there. As for acessories, its full pinnacle then to legendary. If you want to know which drop where. Press f8 and check out yourself. The pet aura and soul is easy enough for you to figure out. Soulshield MSP or BT. Then theres soul badge and mystic badge to enhance your skills. Looking a
  6. Why do you wanna know so bad? If it comes, it comes. If it does come. It will come on june 14th. If it doesnt come. It wont come on june 14th. What is the difference? Just wait til then a d see. Youll see info on Tuesday.
  7. I use a bluetooth adapter to connect my headphone through bluetooth. I've confirmed that xigncode3 will not start BNS unless I disconnect the usb bluetooth adapter first, then after I get into the game, I can plug it in and everything works normal. I've already submitted a ticket but does anyone know another way to do this? Like allowing it somehow? Xigncode3 might mark me as a "hacker" and I might get banned... Thanks.
  8. There are no more than 10 discussion posts. Where is the water? Because I dont see flooding. Sometimes we shouldnt pick out on every little things to complain about
  9. Can you not answer i fyou dont know? You CAN buy 1 year sub.
  10. You can buy the one year membership through the website. You get a sumarai costume along with it.
  11. It seems that you get a lot of negative things from the forum. It is more likely for someone to post negative things, concerns, complaints about the game in the forum than those who are happy with it. It's possible but you don't see many "Oh my goodness, I love how my class is dealing so much damage". So, I suggest not looking at the negative things in the forum. Also, there are many many nice people in clans inside the game. You only come across nice or bad people depending on your luck. There's dungeons to do DAILY!, and currently except Naryu Foundry, everything can be run with Tr
  12. Well then you don't get DC box while we all do. :) We all tried to constructively explained to you what you can do but all you do is "you all are shit, no new argument". It's like one of those kids who complains about their grade while saying I don't want to do homework. It's basically the same thing.
  13. "Pro gamers", what dude? What? If you're THAT casual, I don't think you have time to do daily challenge? Hello? If you have the time to do daily challenge, you can have enough AP and the "skill" you need to finish dungeons.
  14. First of all, what is your class and what changed that "killed" your class? Second, from reading your post, the main and only reason I see is that you can't pvp with your class anymore (losing matches) that caused you to lose interest in the game. Hence, the only reason you really quit here is that you lose often in matches due to the changes to your class and other classes that makes you think the game is unbalanced. your title said "reasons", but from your "here's my reasons, Developers", the only reason you quit is because your class change and you don't' adapt to it.
  15. To OP, every class got buffs. And some skill changes. Try it out again and see how you like the class, if you are not sastified with the damage you can do. Try out another. Dont listen to trash bags that say the class suck and prevent you from playing You play what you like. If yu dont like des dont play.
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