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  1. Thing is when blackram was made it wasn't this hard, if they wanted to take us back they should have made it like it was when she first came out, instead they made it stupidly hard and it doesn't make since. btw this isn't going to hurt whales because they swiped the first time if they don't want to do this dungeon they will swipe again which makes them more money so its a win for them.
  2. Okay of all things in blade and soul, you choose the most useless thing known to man............. A naryu coin bundle -_-. I just wanna know who the FRICK put that nary coin bundle in there. That has to be the most insulting thing ive ever seen ncsoft do..........WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ノÒ益Ó)ノ彡▔▔▏Its the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. Lemme know what the rest think. :D
  3. LOL. SEEE! we need more people like this guy!
  4. Thought this would make people laugh but i guess its all trigger and no fun with you guys :D
  5. Any class can do everything you guys just wan't something "special" about your class and thats sad.
  6. Who here thinks the ncsoft team should take monopoly money we can all whale up on trove.......:D
  7. This is not fair bro, this s@%t is making me want to quit bro. >_>
  8. Can we please get a guarantee premium stone if you fail to many? i have failed 7 premium stones and im pretty upset D:< why can't we get some kind of guarantee so that we don't lose to much god dang mats, you need a premium stone for everything, my ass, that guys ass and ncsofts asses, thats my complaint of the month WHY NCSOFT. also the "ass" thing is only for comedic purposes don't get triggered and delete my post please, thank you for your time bns. also i farmed naksun more than 100 times to upgrade and now i can't even do it, because this game HATES ME!
  9. Oh wow, thanks Bloodlust :3 and sorry for my lack of information
  10. Okay, why do we have to wait for a "today's special" to get the hongmoon gem that's dumb why can't i get it from some other place other than the hongmoon store. Me thinking i could upgrade my diamond has now been halted until it shows up some day D: that's really stinky and they know gold is at its lowest point right now so all i'm asking is why can't i get it from somewhere else? I wonder if i'm just a complaining noob or do other players hate that aswell. also in order for you to upgrade to a better gem, you have to buy 3 "i don't know about you guys but that's pretty bad for me" any
  11. So then you would think its okay to make a 9 then a 3 but then again the stones don't sell for that much so you would be losing money. So if you don't have a friend who can help you make 20 so he gets 10 and you get 10, you're gonna lose mats
  12. Biggest problem i have is that i cannot make a 10 stack, you can only make a 9 stack and thats what drives me up the wall its triggering
  13. and dawnforge has been here for a really long time, plus getting to it shouldn't be the hardest part.
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