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  1. Not sure about this, BUT, during the event you will be able to upgrade the square obisidian to Pentagonal, however, after the event, most likely you will have to get the Transcendece Engine to go Pentagonal. I don't remind if we can transmute 3 square diamonds to 1 Pentagonal Diamond. If we can, probably we will be able to do that with the obisidian. That would kill IF farming for Engines tho.
  2. I know the feel. I've been playing for 2 weeks with the 32bit client because my 64bit won't pass 20fps. I run with this: i7 5820k 3.7 Hexacore 16gb HyperX GTX 970 SSD 100mb fiber internet. On the 32bit client i get steady 80fps inside VT with CTRL+F off and also, loading times in the 32bit are amazing. It does crash more then the 64 but, overall, it's playable. This week i lost dynamic from FAS due to crash... Last week was fine. BnS have RNG in literally everything. xD
  3. The compensation post said it will be gettng us an extra 5g in the next maintence. So... i guess we wait. x.x
  4. I did the kaari lord two times only, but i did in the sole purpose of knowing if it would only spawn after him. But nothing. D:
  5. Uh, is it just me or after i runned 7 times Cold Storage not a single time the merchant have appeared. The chance is this low for the "Highest chance" dungeon?
  6. So, it can eventually come to the sad truth of people exchanging 100 RE and getting 1.005g. lol if that happens, will be next level slap in the face.
  7. So, just to be sure. It is 5g per Radiant Energy or per time i click on Turn In? x.x
  8. nevermind. just got in game.
  9. I was in the middle of an battleground, was disconnected from the server and now can't log in again. Same happened to all my friends on discord at the same time.
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