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  1. Being a support/healer in other MMOs made the chi burst HM look incredibly appealing, so with the purchase of the duelist pack I grabbed that because it looked impressive to me. Thank you for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it.
  2. I'm sitting at Baleful Stage 7, Blue Moon Badge, and 8/8 MSP Soulshield, with Pinnacle accs. I've got HM Right Punch, Frost Storm and Chi Burst. Which weapon upgrade path should I take? Take Baleful to 12? Move straight into Dawn? Should I aim for the Enigma Badge to work with the MSP bonus or get the Pulse Badge since it'll be the current endgame BiS(been getting feathers from Daily/weekly so I'm nearly there)? Which accs should I replace first/aim for? Thank you Edit: My stage 7 Baleful has 5 slots, is it worth rerolling from Scaleburn to stage 1 until I get 6 slots?
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