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  1. Related to Removed Crafting Job

    Ah I see. They still put Potters Outfit in Achievement Shop. Thank you for the information. For other achievement not yet changed I hope they look and consider about it.
  2. Just recently I want to get "Crafty Collector" achievement because we can fast craft to rise up crafting job level. When I check requirement to get the achievement it still need to wear Merry Potters Uniform and Potter Cap, but we know Merry Potters job already removed from game. I think we can't get that outfit except from craft, and maybe other achivements that need something not only to craft outfit but some items from old removed or changed crafting job not yet to be change. I hope development team take action about this for the next update.
  3. Update to Soul Warden Crafting Achievement

    Yup same with me. I just want to complete my crafting achievement before I go to other crafting job, but there are no item required for achievement in crafting list (my crafting level already maxed). Maybe they just haven't changed the achievement required before they change to new crafting system.