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  1. Still recruiting members for the clan and the BT raid!
  2. Hi there Shiune! Nice to hear that you're interested. Judging by your post, you seem to be a player that we're looking for! It's nice to have some pvp'ers in the clan, since most of us are mostly doing pve. Are you going to join with your sin, bd or both? Like I said, every member can have one alt in the clan. Your bd is more than welcome if you're going to join with your sin. We recently cleaned up the clan from any inactive/lowbie players to further improve it, so you'd understand that we are a bit hesitant to invite low leveled players. Some people join with 600 ap and never log in again, but if you really want to improve your bd than you can certaintly join with only your bd. You can whisper 'Skittleee' if you're interested. If he is not online, you can also whisper me. My ign is also 'Qlarity'. Hi there Deicidium! You two seem the kind of players we are looking for! Like I said, we are focussed on endgame content, but we are pretty casual too. We run a lot of dungeons to improve our gears, but sometimes our members goof around and do some other fun stuff. Sooo no pressure! Hehe If you're interested in joining, you can whisper 'Skittleee' in game. If he's not online you can also whisper me.
  3. Hello my fellow BnS players, We are Horned Slayers. A pve/pvp dedicated clan with mature and nice players that focus on endgame content, but most importantly.. to have fun in the game! We also have discord! We are recruiting new members. Whisper 'Skittleee' or 'Poolparty Ahri' if you're interested. If those two are not available you can also whisper me. (Qlarity) You can also post here! What do we offer? At the moment we have quite a lot of geared members (850/900+ ap players) who can breeze through most dungeons that are available. That includes DT, EC, NF and NS. This means that your daily runs will be a lot faster and more smooth, so you can gear up much easier. It's not a big deal if you're having trouble with mechanics. There are a lot of helpfull players in Horned Slayers that are willing to help you and explain the mechanics of the dungeons. Just ask politely in the clan chat and some veterans will most likely respond to you. Other questions regarding the game are also welcome of course. There are no trials, taxes or anything. Only people who want to enjoy the game as much as possible. Clan information: Leader: Skittleee Advisor: Poolparty Ahri Server: Windrest/Wild Springs/Highland Gate Cerulean Rank 15 Clan outfit available (Pirate design) 50+ players Important note: Our clan name is a bit different ingame. The reason for not using the real clan name on the forums, is because the first part of the name will probably get censored by a moderator. You'll see it after you look up any of our leaders. There are some basic requirements to join the clan, but it's nothing major. Your class does NOT matter. - 800+ ap - Have a basic understanding of the English language (Communication is very important!) - Be respectfull - Be active in the game (Real life is more important of course!) Some rules: - If you have 800+ ap and are joining the clan, you can let one alt join too. We don't allow more than one alt in the clan. - Everybody has to carry their own weight. We don't mind if you die a lot in dungeons (everybody makes mistakes), but we expect at least that you try your best to contribute to the party. We are not a babysitters club! - Ask Skittleee if you need a clan outfit. He will set up a contract for you. After that you need to pay 5 gold and 5 fabrics to make the outfit. - If you need a HM pellet, you need to find two other members who need it too. Your alt is also fine if you can provide the mats that are needed to craft the pellet. We dont charge gold to craft it. - Do NOT try to be toxic or offensive to other members. - We useally roll for loot (including legendary accessoires), unless it's something expensive like a sealed xanos disk/sealed forging orb. If that happens we will just share the profits. The winner of the roll can just bid whatever he wants. - Have fun! We also do Skybreak Spire also known as Black Tower (BT). We use the dkp system, so no gold bids. Refer to our other thread in the same section.