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  1. BD PvP HM skill

    the most important is definitely the offals achievement. It makes Flaming Scourge so much stronger I believe. Chilling flame elixir for boosted sunder after raid. and get the lightning draw that lets you cast it twice for those extra lightning energies. (this is for pvE) The hongmoon vortex is amazing for pvp, as the deflect/parry resets the CD of "take flight" on successful parry and the maelstrom lessens the cooldown of raid and heavenly dance I think.
  2. Elemental or Critical damage

    how do you get that other legendary earring that isn't the elemental one from BT??
  3. Summer Nights Outfit PLEASE !!

    plz don't, I got it and I want it to stay rare :)
  4. f10 really? They don't care...

    First time ive seen it drop, I lost bid of 1.9k to someone with 2.1 a day later It dropped again and I got it for 195g ;) happy day for me. I had no idea all this xanos hand stuff was going on, I was too busy grinding didn't seem that hard.