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  1. Force Master Skill change request.

    Another request for FM simple attack mode. Please remove Shock Fire, Short Fuse, Inferno and Meteor Shower from the rotation. Suggested LMB/RMB/2 and then all the F keys ones when they are available. I want to have control over Shock Fire, Short Fuse, Inferno and Meteor Shower as my Leg Soul Badge uses these to buff my attack.
  2. High ping players BS

    I play from Australia on ncsoft west servers. My ping is 400 (unplayable) but with vpn is an acceptable 250 to 300. I can hear the gasping sub 100 pings saying still imposible. I really like the game so am ready to put up with the lower dps. However, when arbitrary time limits are put on skills, eg BS, this highly discriminates against high ping players. At best I can only get 4 BS off not the max 5. I ask Support if the time could be extended by 5 seconds and was advised to put it in the forums. Please support this request and help us high ping players squeeze a little more dps out of our skills. We could be in your party so all dps helps.
  3. Personal DPS Display

    I would like to see a personal DPS meter displayed. It could be like the FPS and Ping meters. It could be used to train with on the training dummies to optimise the build and rotations. Anybody???