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  1. Hehe noticed. I guess I just REALLY like to reply to things, even though it's completely pointless
  2. It depends on what play style you think you want to be focused on. I also think you should either watch gameplay or play lvl 15-50 a variety of classes and see which one you want to do most. Also look at the abilities and what field it is. Classes with ranged and melee plus focus recovery are great for solo. But your play style might be towards party, in that case choose a class that has some area in party/enhance party/protect party. If you're interested in PvP choose a class that has strength in every place. For PvE, I'm just gonna say you're mostly set with SIN. SIN is great for killing bo
  3. Summoner is VERY good in early to mid levels. But as later levels get on, summoner gets a lot tougher. There isn’t much AoE to be excited about. I’m just glad I actually made it to level 50 with it. It is really good for solo, but you might need to do a party a few times. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than me when applying to parties! Blade dancer I also like because it’s really good in AoE and in solo, PLUS ITS SOO CUTE! I kinda think of it as tiny children wielding swords and killing people! Aannnyywayyy classes with skills in AoE, focus recovery, counter, range, and critical that are ba
  4. My main is a level 50 summoner, and heres some information that its actually difficult and easy. For starters, most other classes-- FM, KFM, SIN, BM, you know, my attack powers only in the 300s while usually with other classes it would be sky rocketing. Also, what Ive noticed, when in parties, when I was in Foshi Pyres at level 10, I had the lowest HP even though sometimes I was the highest level. Next, it's easy to start with, but gets more difficult and difficult to use. The attacks aren't great for big crowds. The HP falls easily, but Doom N' Gloom restores some as well as Pe
  5. i finally got the quest from old man cho after completing hit the ground running, level 50 now ya
  6. I want to know how so in dungeons I can use it. Including supply chain. I already did supply chain once, and it was a pain for the first part when all the mobs wouldn't stop aggro. SO yeah
  7. Ok so my summoner is level 47, and I need the wall dash skill. I don't know how to get it. Anyone know?
  8. I'm gonna go over some pros and cons, I had the same problem: SF Pros are that SF can use both abilities from the KFM and FM. They also look pretty cool The FM abilities are awesome and easy Cons are that when I played it, the KFM part is only good for one target fights, and in the earlier places, especially during the South Anchor, may not deal much damage. For me I always lost at least a little HP when I used KFM abilities. WL Pros are that you can summon a thrall, you have powerful attacks, especially SOULBURN!! You look damn cool when attacking
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