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  1. nahh they always post a day ahead of time. I'd expect a post by 5pm central time when they will say everything going on tomorrow.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207536032?t=01h55m33s they said it like 30 seconds after where this clip starts you. Keep watching and they'll even show it too
  3. So the new path that goes from dawn/rift 6 to stage 9 then over to raven needs the 3 weapons from EL, SM, HH dungeons as we all know. But it seems that the weapons are non existent from these 3 dungeons. I've ran them all plenty of times and have not seen a single weapon box. I asked others and non of them have seen it drop either. So I am wondering if they even were added in as a possible drop from the dungeons.
  4. This. I have never purchased a PTS, I make all of mine most of which are successful. If i fail one I stop crafting them for the day
  5. play a week ago and it was more expensive than it is now. Your soul will and always will be expensive to upgrade. Play the game and you will eventually level it up. This is not the hold your hand give you everything type mmo
  6. I was just wondering how many awakened dragonchars other FM's manage to pull off in one soulburn.. I was hitting about 35 - 37 of them per soulburn.
  7. As we all know and can tell the promised new daily login reward system is broken and not even functional.. It's been that way for almost 4 days now which is 4 days of daily loot gone. Curious if we are even going to get any compensation for this error as I don't see it even being fixed will the weekly reset
  8. I run BT with my guild every week, most people around 950+ but we carry a few below 800 and we finish BT in under an hour with no problems. It's honestly just knowing the mechs and having good callouts from the raid leaders
  9. Today about an hour ago my MS went from normal 70 to 300... No idea how to fix it restarted everything stays at 300 still
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