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  1. ■■ Jaz's Chibi Shop ■■

    I drew my character. I used a base on this one tho >.>
  2. ■■ Jaz's Chibi Shop ■■

    Uhh, this is my first time ever making a commission shop so cross-server biddings are like new to me D:
  3. ■■ Jaz's Chibi Shop ■■

    I changed it back to 50g coz it was originally of that price. But thanks for the "good luck"
  4. ■■ Jaz's Chibi Shop ■■

    Youre basically just paying for the additional character/s to be added. I only price per character. So couple art would be like 200g
  5. ■■ Jaz's Chibi Shop ■■

    I have none but I could maybe make you one? 
  6. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    OHHH~~~ Yaoi! I don't rp much but I'm a yaoi fangirl ;) I'm in Gunma, though o-o You can PM me anytime "iEce"
  7. Which server? Clan?

    I was in Gunma but Im thinking of transferring to Mushin coz ppl say its the most populated server. So if you gonna make a toon there, we could maybe quest together tomorrow. My toon's name is Azurexe. 
  8.   Hello, I'm iEce from server Gunma - NA (Group 1) and I decided to make an art shop. I accept in-game gold or stuff from the Hongmoon store [ Pet Pouch and Cosmetics ] If you're interested for a commission, just contact me in-game or in Discord [ JazDLazyFujoshi#7349 ] I'm always online from 6AM to 10PM, GMT+8.   Basic Info   ■ Chibi = 50g (per character) ■ Full body chibi colored ■ Can only do up to 3 characters in one canvas ;-; ■ I can only do chibi (I may offer non-chibi artsus in the future??) ■ I dont do animals but nekomimis are fine ■ I prefer to draw girls tbh but boys are fine too   Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Here's my art blog for more samples.   Thank you!
  9. Friend List Bugged

    I'm not sure if someone already reported this, but I want to report this bug I'm having with the friends list window. I see them online in the f-list but are actually offline. O_O