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  1. It has been 3 years since I posted anything in here, and to be more exact, it has been 3 years since I last played blade & soul. Last week, due to all this quarentine, I decided to install the game again and play it. The first thing I noticed and got really surprised was that there's only 1 server now for NA. I say it is a surprise, not really, because in my last post, comment, in this forum, I was talking specifically about things that this game could change in orther to not se its player base shrink. At that moment, of course, many players started to offend me and stuff, as usual, i
  2. wow. I actually thought that I would be criticized by all players in this game after my thread, But I see now that I was wrong. I really appreciate all the replies to this thread and I agree with everyone who has answered it. All It is kind of sad that many people feel the same as me. I hope that they take a look about how their players feel about it and make a huge change or it wont last longer like some of other NCSoft games that were shut down. I think they should look at the big picture here. Back in the days, most of population playing games were kids and teenage
  3. Nowdays games has become easier to everyone enjoy and have fun, but Blade & Sould seems to be following the same old path where if a player want to reach higher lvls and requirements to enjoy the game in its fullest they have to spend 24/7 time playing the game to achieve it. If you want to have your old weapon upgraded, you need to aqcquire a lot of items and also a lot of money in game to do it. and after that upgrade, the stats you get from it is so low that won't even make you able to do most of the newest dungeons and if you'd like to do them you'd have to spend a year playing the gam
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