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  1. Thank you for the reply, will check those posts out as well as these evolved stones. I don't mind grinding - played far too many games with a ton of grinding, so that's fine. And yeah, it's a bit low-end, but not to the point where i should be crashing if i leave graphics on lowest.
  2. Hello, as said in the title, i'm considering returning to the game. I last played somewhere around a year to a year and half ago (last update was some 20-player raid in some dark island). I have a few questions, if no one minds: 1: Does the game still suffer from constant crashes and glitches like back then? 2: What's the current max level? 3: Have there been any major updates to warlock class since the date i mentioned above? 4: Are there any viable, solo methods of making money right now? And if not, what would you recommend? Iirc, i was level 50+8 hm 5: Is th
  3. Got a gem 2 days ago, can confirm they exist.
  4. I see :o Thank you for explaining that.
  5. I see :o Thank you for mentioning~ Will test when my alt can get there.
  6. Frost sheath? D: Well, no matter. Managed to get the achievement with a fight time of 1 minute and 33 miliseconds. Was lucky that ping had randomly lowered and all my dcs were crits. Still, thank you for mentioning. My alt likely will have less trouble in there, then.
  7. Thank you for the answers :o As for mushin, i had already tried all kinds of iframes and resists possible (haven't tried the 3/6s immunity item for tower) before this thread was made, and nothing worked.
  8. So, i've been playing for a while now, but there are some things that are quite specific (others not so much) that i wish i knew the answer to. I forgot most questions, so i'll edit this post as i remember them/find new questions. 1: What does this gem do, exactly? My guess is that it allows me to deal two guaranteed critical hits. If that's the case, what's the cooldown? 2: About the additional damage stat, does it work per hit, or per attack? i.e: fm's fire fury hits 3 times in one attack. And what about additional damage gem? Per hit or per attack? 3:
  9. I agree with this, it's extremely annoying to get idiots and leechers in your party. Wish they'd do something about this already. I think everyone already had this kind of problem multiple times, and will continue to have it over and over. At the very least, when clicking to recruit while inside the dungeon, you should get an "apply to party" notification, like the ones you get when someone applies to your party outside cross-server. That way, you could check who's joining and accept/refuse them.
  10. Oh :o thank you for explaining~ Will give it a try too, who knows? Maybe i'll get something too <-< Let's pray for rng.
  11. So, what happened? There are no images or anything o.o
  12. Yes, this definitely would also be a good thing. It's really annoying not having the option to leave the party. Well, they'd probably make it so every party member other than the one being kicked would have to vote, which in itself is a good limitation to avoid abuse. I don't see why anyone would have to be penalised for this. What if you get in 10 parties in a row with players like that? Doesn't sound fair to you, at all. But yes, i see your point.
  13. So, today has been a terrible day to do dungeons. First off, during heaven's mandate, the party leader used the scale, and everyone but one player passed on the loot. The leader had trouble keeping his loot because of this... "silent" player (likely a bot). In the end, the leader got like 3/4 of the loot. Then, about 2 hours later, i was doing Naryu's Labyrinth and we had this player who was being extremely toxic, as well as bidding every single thing in the dungeon and started to leech after we reached the last floor, and wouldn't help with the boss. In the end, the other
  14. Do you still need help? I'm on Yunwa. If yes, just pm Kuroyori and mention this thread o.o
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