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  1. Dc'ing in VT and SK

    I dc at the end of mech, at the same part. Sk its at the end of driving and VT its on twins at grab orbs for healing and keeper. Every time no questions ask. I run dungeons on f8 and do pvp for hrs with no dc's. I dont understand why this is happening or how to fix this small bug. anyone got any ideas? i tried lowering my settings, changing clients to and from 32 and 64, and updating my graphic card. Anything i try it always dc's me, end of driving on SC and grab orbs at twins in VT.
  2. JAN 18 Update BSOD

    yea i cant find it on mine @,@ where is it!!!
  3. JAN 18 Update BSOD

    yea with such a big event happening its very frustrating. it has to be with the update it self cause i had no problems like this before
  4. JAN 18 Update BSOD

    nope that didnt work @,@
  5. JAN 18 Update BSOD

    im having the same problem @,@ game was fine before update now its not working. i feel like its a windows 10 problem with bns