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  1. any chance someone could tell me which gear I should use as bd and skills etc. cause atm I feel so weak lel this my gear ik its not that great but still sometimes I see people doing great with this kind of gear file:///C:/Users/enzo%20caron/Pictures/BnS/Screenshot_190323_002.jpg
  2. I got that chest yesterday cause I thought I could get the Skysunder neck from it for pvp but when I tried to open it it only gave my 1 choice instead of 2 lel is this a bugg or?
  3. hey guys i am here to talk about the new weapon the new PVP weapon this weapon has a new Effect that make all your focus draw from you and this is not fair at all there are no way to kill some one how have this weapon ? so what you guys think ?Insert other media
  4. hello guys what weapon i shall pick ? baleful or seraph? stage 7-10
  5. useless are the feedback at the forum i don't even know why they ask us to feedback here and no one answer or even work on the feedback !!
  6. still looking for answer guys !! come on bns team
  7. we talk about Main here man ^^ we all have other classes we spend money on it but main are point
  8. HM 9 it's easy man i am talk about 13-15 and we have AP + 700 +800 and like that it's really sick man leveling classes over and over it's really boring i am waiting a reply from blade and soul team thank you all guys keep feedback please we need really fast reply from the game team
  9. i hope you understand me right and make sure nobody here insults anyone i am just saying we still playing same game here and after all i am not here to insults the player or something i am just saying i hope keep moving in this game what is not going to happen for long time if every time i have start over and over again when i need change the class i like to play all the class with the high dungeon doing all mechs and stuff like this what matter if this happen or not to you ? this is just going to help me and the other who like this idea and will not make any really problem for th
  10. i know that you are the most Professional player but people would like to play as they want see as i said before some people like to change class there are some Achievements u can see if this guy can play right or not if not u have choose to kick them easy and u know that 50 isn't good enough to have EXP with this game anyway with any class u can understand now some people stop playing this game cuz they already sick with they classes you can't be selfish like this if they can't understand the skills from first time even with AP
  11. i don't understand how could people with AP 800 -850-900 to have problem with change they class !! sure they did know how to play as tank buff healer and stealth everything and how could some one with AP +750 or so to reset all what they did for change class people please !! what are you talking about so many people as me like to change and play the other classes in MMORPG games so that sure do not help this kind of people who could be you some time so is there anybody that really watch this feedback so can make it really ? if the player li
  12. hello guys i have simple Suggestions share your feedback with me please my simple Suggestions is to make an item allowed you to change your Character class with changing your all items as well to the other class like weapon - soul shield - accessories - etc.... so please share your feedback here and tell me is that will make the game better or will Bring some class problem like mechs and stuff like that have a nice day
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