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  1. question, can i gift keys to clan mamber even if his not in my friends list? need answer asap
  2. same here i cannot see any b&s code
  3. u mean u will get instantly 50 points if im hm 10?
  4. ofc you will get 5 points per lvl when u will lvl up... but eventually if u will be hm 20 u will just get 50 points while new player that he is hm 1 and will get up to hm 20 will get 100... so eventually new players or alts will get more power then veteran players that put lots of efforts, time and money on their chars that eventually will no longer will be that strong, thats how i see it. i hope any Admin could answer on that
  5. Question guys, ill try to put an example for it will be easier to understand. since the new HM Points will be added today i am worried about 1 thing, at this moment i am HM 10, would i reacive those 50 points back? ( hm 1 to 10 = 50 points)? if not that is mean that all the High lvl pepls will tottally lose everything, and i mean is that. as u can see 10 points grants u extra of 60 AP. 20 grants you another 40 and so on... wich means if hm 1 eventually will get 100 pints that will get him 330 AP boost just from the points!! and if i am HM 10 i will just be able to get 50 when an
  6. oh, wow nice, may i join enoll? im at windrest ign iCapsule
  7. what server is that? im at windrest if you guys aswell i can come 791 ap sin
  8. i didnt get it enoll, entry fee is 2.5k? or how is it works
  9. hey there, i was wondering as assassin if that 1 2 3 4 5 msp legendary soulshield ar that good? i mean i alardy got 1 2 3 5 with main crit and number 4 without... but when i compare them the diffrence aint that big... what is ur toughts. btw what i talk about is 1 2 3 4 5 - MSP Legendary SS 6 7 8 DT.
  10. guys im using now 3 5 7 Be Ido and the rest Asura, im using them for pretty long time alardy and i feel still weak, do i need to change to another SS? wich one? how do i get them. i havent unlocked any of the Hongmoon Skills yet, any1 can help me to understand how to do it fast and wich hongmoon skills do i need and what i can skip. thnx alot
  11. every1 from my clan manage to get it, but i cant =( why?
  12. hey there, i am kinda new. i was wondering what is the fastest way to get those Soulstones, and how i do it. 2nd thing is that weapon powders to make the element. im kinda stuck now on true infernal getting hard time on upgrading it.
  13. thnx alot mate, appreciating it, i will also wait for other comments
  14. got it mate thnx, just 1 question, you said i should go for Lightning build, can you giv me a link for a build that i should go with? i mean like a video, picture that shows wich skills exactly to add.
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