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  1. it happen to me 3 times on the circle that kill on normal mode what make the boss 10% and even it reach 9% and that's normally clear the boss not take stun and wipe and could clear any time today because of that and for sure it happened to me at least 10 times before if on the 45% phase on second circle or last phase on second circle what is 4th circle and for sure i know i did mechs right i even was on the center of the circle and she got my place and for sure i did my ss on the right time she do wipe aura i do attack her after or not she wipe and will prove that with youtube soon be
  2. even away from what u said is true about the scales and this things but there is nothing called get something higher 2 be more bad logic say if will say silver steel will go up on damage by 500k dps then at least dragon spire go up than thorn breaker by at least 50k will not say more and the specs can change to be better and that's what i need to see simply for BM 3rd spec what i have the problem with if they change the skills get the CD from V which is useless atm and put that on Tab that will make the weapon a lot better and anther thing even if u go to pve path u will need a lot
  3. i play spectral shrine and happen a lot that i make the boss jump to the circle well and the boss not take the stun but do a wipe aura like i do it wrong this problems happens a lot on my trys so pls fix this things because it really pissing me of or any one else
  4. guys u understand things upside down all what u said i know what i mean it need a buff nothing called i get higher tier weapon even from raid path 2 be weeker than the older raid path like thorn breaker compare to dragon spire tier 5 to tier 6 so the dragon spire should be at least better than thorn breaker and weaker than silversteel weapon that's what called logic but to upgrade to something higher to lose 1000000 DPS that's something insane to say
  5. PVE weapons need a great buff i switched once for BM to Dragon spire weapon from Thorn breaker the weapon is to weak and my DPS went down so logically when u do upgrade on any game even of life things going better so it's like i should get a buff from that even if low buff but not like my DPS go down by 1 Million which is depressing for sure and can make a lot of players quit the game if they didn't go back to there old weapons so for sure it doesn't making any sense So pls Buff the path and thanks
  6. i see the upgrade path from storm dragon 6 to aransu 6 and paths above is unfair because it need 5 empyrean sprite stones and that kinda unfair like going to aransu 1 was with just 1 empyrean and switching to aransu from storm dragon is with 5 like if i do mistake i get all of that to pay as gold and materials for them for no much of DPS and that much not even needed for going from aransu to grand celestial weapon and as example if i need to go from storm dragon 9 to grand celestial i have to use 8 empyrean stones like how is that op unfair
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