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  1. Jeez everybody is loosing their shit about this. people just hear nerf nd either cry river or jump for joy because every class that isn't mine is op and needs nerf.let me break dont this "nerf" an what it means for warlock for those that just hear they nerfed warlock but were to busy crying or jumping for joy to check what the details were 1.Lets start with saying this was a universal nerf to all classes since they all lost 30% and reset crit dm while warlock gained a significant amount of buffs with new awakened skills and the reworked awakened rmb. The focus problem during sb is
  2. Kevi

    our x

    frost build is the most damaged with the change. now you will need 2 warlocks in party gg ncsoft. 1 to sb and the other for reset. In my opinion Sb should just reset dragoncall and wingstorm on activation so they can keep the rotation the same basically making it like a second leach.. Wonder if they will consider this. also why the 20% movement speed increase nerf. its not like its some wild speed increase but whatever. I think the reset of main rotation skills its what hurts warlock the most and the new awakened skills dont make up for it. also why remove 30%. It doe nothing
  3. Kevi

    our x

    the snare on ss was probably the most useful skill against close range classes like bm and kfm since they had to use their ss to get out of it giving you time to get time distance
  4. Kevi

    Hongmoon skils ?

    hm book 3 for pvp rmb offals. all of them to unlock hm bastion for 10 sec resist. hm green bean from vendor for 5000 beans to unlock pvp hm dragon helix hm book 1 for pvp shield break areal shackle.
  5. i still dont get why they nerfed the attack buff field on warlock for no reason several times. Now its just useless. cd is to long and buff its barely noticeable. From 5% on last tick they put it to constant 3%.
  6. Kevi

    our x

    oh believe you me there are nerfs on the way for sb if you dont know yet. Warlock Added Awakened Dragon Call, Awakened Dragon Helix Wingstorm M1 (Shadow) Decreases the cooldown of Leech by 1 sec per hit Awakened Dimensional Salvo Generates 2 focus on critical hit Awakened Bombardment Generates 1 > 2 focus on critical hit Soul Burn Cast time decreased to 1 sec from 2 sec Removed cooldown refresh Removed 20% movement speed increase Critical damage increase decreased to 20% from 50
  7. holly shit those skins thanks fot the info. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ now i want thrall customisation more. that white skin red horns design looks sick af. here is reference. tell me u dont want this to be a thing in bns
  8. Dont worry ncsoft will fix this by nerfing the Elysian crystals that drop from treasure pouches so they can be equally shitty.
  9. dont take "demand" to seriously. just couldn't find a better word at the moment. request is a better word i guess
  10. well its ,mostly useless stuff like eye shape or mouth shape. stupid shit like dhat not even worth 1 copper, im talking more in line with cat costumes that u get from boss or the f10 store. maybe f10 skins change sb too.
  11. thanks for the info but this thread was made to inform ncsoft on this. Like u said none of us know because no one from dev team responds. it may happen or not im just making this demand. its up to nc soft to do what they want. So u either support this change or are against it for whatever reason. leave the programing work to ncsoft devs to figure out.
  12. You actually serious with that? You think warlock players will not throw their wallets at screen once they see some sick ass thrall designs. Put a phoenix thrall skin on that phoenix bundle and lets see how many buy it.
  13. The system is already there for the cat with the costume menu how hard is it to make a copy of it just for warlock pet. Summoner even have the vendor at certain spots in the game who sell minor customisation for cat. Treat colour changes like costumes that drop from dungeons one for aura and one for skin. its just changing some values in codes. nothing to stressing when you already have red skin thrall in story quest and read aura thrall from floor 17 warlock. later whe get a 24 man dungeon with a white thrall boss that has different style chains and other accessories on shoulders. 2)
  14. have they released anything for thrall and you seen them ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it. If so stop talking like u know shit. You are just against it for no damn reason and here you are making assumption out of your ass. There are people who want it and have been asking for it. if u dont want it dont bother commenting here honestly why are u even here if u play summoner or any other class. You have people buying that stupid phoenix pack for 4000ncoins i dont think they will charge so much on just a reskin that is already in game. they can have simple colour changes drop from bosses and se
  15. Me i would do it. People waste tons of money on less important and stupid shit. Tell how eye customisation for cat is important when u can barely see the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤er. aside from costumes other cat customisation are meaningless yet there are summoners that do it. At least the thrall is big enough to make the colour change pop on screen. Also if u dont want dont spend ur money. there is an audience that wants it. Soulburn doesn't have to be affected by thrall change. Maybe they can do it with some legendary thrall skins but i dont mind this being just a thrall thing.
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