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  1. Jeez everybody is loosing their shit about this. people just hear nerf nd either cry river or jump for joy because every class that isn't mine is op and needs nerf.let me break dont this "nerf" an what it means for warlock for those that just hear they nerfed warlock but were to busy crying or jumping for joy to check what the details were 1.Lets start with saying this was a universal nerf to all classes since they all lost 30% and reset crit dm while warlock gained a significant amount of buffs with new awakened skills and the reworked awakened rmb. The focus problem during sb is
  2. The more you reply the more i am convinced you have no idea what p2w is. I think the only time that you would admit this game is pay to win is when they start selling raven legendary gear in the market for nc coins. But they aren't that stupid. You pay to reduce time spent on grinding and resource farming. With the time you spend farming for skills you could grin for legendary gear or soul shields. the problem is how much grinding their bundles let you skip. Only my alt has all hm but 1 hm skill since the release of warlock and im a guy who profited of the event that handed you training c
  3. Yes its pay to not get a head tumour from rage. Any of you have the slightest idea of the frustrating grind it is to be proficient in pvp with all the skills. + arena pvp is a good way to farm soulstones for people that hate spp farm. so it kinda ties into that + some skills are good for pvp to. so add that to the pay to win category.
  4. Hey genius pay to progress is the same shit as pay to win. Imagine all the grinding i have to do to get all hm skills to be proficient in pvp when i could spend those day grind for pve and buy the pack and avoid the headache. Its basically pay to win in pvp without doing pvp without hm skills and die a lot of times because you didn't have that skill that counters a certain class. Its the same shady shit with different colour.
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