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  1. First of all, here are the issues (feel free to comment your issues as well): People hate crafting in this game. We have to craft. In order to get the required materials to craft the boxes, you either need to buy some from the marketplace or use alts. Adding the necessity of fragments makes the process even more convoluted. You can't use the revitalizers in Circle of Sundering. Circle of Sundering's fragment drop rate (anywhere other than Hong) is ridiculously low. Getting to Hong, even with the necessary DPS is a chore and not very fun. In order to make this more bearable, several changes can be made, without destroying the core of the event (feel free to comment with suggestions): Add a box to daily challenge. People can have a small taste of the rewards, and craft to get more. Reduce the gold cost of crafting the materials, allow more to be crafted, and lower the time it takes to craft. Therefore, we can get as much as we need, and trade them with friends without having to personally miss out on one of our 3 daily boxes. Fragments don't need to be removed, just up the drop rate so it's less of a grind, especially in Circle of Sundering. If it is reasonable to allow, without skewing the intended ranking system, enable dragonblood use in Circle of Sundering. This event doesn't have to be annoying and unrewarding. It just needs some changes.
  2. I wonted to ask : why would you not ?

    While I understand the competitiveness, I also empathize with the OP: Circle of Sundering is a gigantic headache. I have the DPS to clear, and have cleared, but after farming the tokens for my bracelet upgrade, I promised myself I would not go back. It was so frustrating when I made mistakes, and the drop rate of fragments on anything except Hong is laughable. If enabling dragonblood use in Circle of Sundering is not an option, I suggest upping the fragment drop rate from all bosses so that it is less frustrating and more rewarding, without messing with rankings.
  3. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    I would have appreciated compensation. Because of *your* problems, I couldn't farm the merchant to get my purple hat. The lag just ruined everything. But the thought of 72 hits a day, in such precisely timed intervals... I smell fish. If someone actually did time things so well, the computer nerd in me is oddly satisfied.
  4. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    For god's sake, it's not a DDoS. The pattern suggests that it is a scheduled system process on the server, rather than a DDoS. Someone else posted something, but it looks like you guys deleted it. Whoops, I still have it. Accountability is very important. Be honest with us.
  5. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    Honestly, I think that your priorities are getting mixed up. When I worked for a gameserver, we (the development team) prioritized bugfixes on previously implemented content, over implementing new content. Though this did obviously slow content updates, we were able to ensure the code stayed quite clean. As the amount of code increases, it becomes more difficult to fix bugs, because new code may depend on old, buggy code. In an essence, we prevented issues from being magnified by fixing them before they could become a problem. I think NCWest should take a hint from this philosophy and handle issues like optimization (fps drops, memory leaks, loading errors, high resource usage, etc) before trying to implement new content. In addition, taking a bit more player input would be worthwhile, as some of the other problems are primarily regarding a conflict of interest between players and game updates (evolved stones, sacred oil, upgrade costs, server merges, 12/24man, marketplace and currency exchange taxes, etc). Of course, I'm just one person, and this is just my perspective, so you don't have to take my advice... but I'm sure I'm not alone here in thinking these things.