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  1. Why this is not on the patch notes for the 9/20 maintenance???
  2. With the Recent Merge and uprising market prices for Quartzs and Silverfrost Transformation Stones, you should imagine how it become hard to dig quartz. the amount of channels are really insufficient to everyone whos trying to work hard and craf/farm all the materials to transmute oils, with this dark origins patch it will become even more harder. So... please increase the amount of quartz/rich quartz and decrease the respawn time of them, ty for the comprehension
  3. just answer the question please, i can't understand. this is simple, very very simple, everyone is complaining about lag, theres almost 5 or even more posts here in the forum about the same problem: LAAAG. and we all know its Server-Side Problem, just make an annoucement, its not ask much ¬¬
  4. Which one u think is better for 6v6 and why???
  5. Just want to say one thing: Make assassins walk slower on stealth not faster, this is the only game sins walks faster on stealth, thats the only thing i think its unbalaced with that class.
  6. acho que a galera br joga mais no NA do que no EU....
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