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  1. it's funny! you guys think that the devs or the community managers has anything to do with what is happening to the game ?!!! you fools!!! decisions are made in small meeting rooms by people wearing suits and using expensive perfume so you can't smell their ugliness. The game is dead already, you rather don't know it or you don't want to know it but they know it and they are squeezing your pockets to feed new projects and keep their pathetic cycle. I left the game already, two of the clans i joined they left as well. My new strategy is play new MMOs till the
  2. I see a dying game with a bunch of ignorant people. I will tell you how things work : the company has many projects and when a project is getting old, they will start squeezing the ignorant people to get as much money as possible enough to fund a new project and to keep the cycle. This game is a pay to win, and its going to be like that till the end.
  3. Seeing all the comments in this forum, in youtube and also in game i can conclude, from many perspectives, that this game is killing itself and squeezing people to get more money. This tactic is known in the MMO world when the Game is getting old, get as much money as possible to start another game. Now the only problem is the ignorant people who can't believe these facts and they just keep playing and paying money to one shot average players. Well it may sounds funny but not for the victims. People started to leave, my whole clan left the game, i joined new one and now they are leaving too an
  4. I remember it was around April 2017, a beautiful wednesday, i went to work and even my boss gave me a promotion that day... i finish my work and came home and downloaded the new patch and i was excited about the new content ( it was a big patch ), i logged in and i went to do my new story quest, but i noticed a strange thing in my graphics, i thought the patch messed up my graphic settings, i clicked Options to check but my settings still the same. that day i realized that one smart developer broke the game and he left the company, and now no one will be able to fix it. I tried all kind of fix
  5. Man these are the thoughts they came to me when i started to question about this game, Well i tried to delude myself that this game is okay but it's just me who lost ability since i left the game fore more than half a year. But now when i checked this forum, i saw many people complaining about the game from p2w, stuttering, freezing and unbalance classes... Now i will see the next patch maybe they will wake up and do something about it, if the game keep their plans in term to absorb as much money as they can then i will just leave. That's why i posted here as a last cha
  6. I definitely have problems with 6v6 and yes people can easily one shot you there, it was different a year ago and i hope NCsoft will realize that what they've done will kill the game, people are already frustrated from the stuttering and FPS drops. As for what you said about playing other classes to understand how to counter them is not a bad idea, i just need more time and motivation to do that. Thanks for the help.
  7. well some people can do that, but im fan of pvp. im afraid its not an option but thank you
  8. I totally agree, i still don't know why the developers not doing anything about it, i like BM but recently it's been very challenging to win. So if im leaving this game, it's mainly because of my own class.
  9. i really agree about what you said, but in my current situation i can't build up a new class from scratch, so maybe with the upcoming patches the BM will come back to life, at least in pvp. I also realized that BD is more fun and way better compared to BM, i never understood why B&S created a similar class to BM in the first place About the gear, i agree that it's not a decent one, and i thought by having the minimum gear for pvp i would avoid getting one shot, yet, im still getting 240k hit from assassins which is more than one shot. in my opinion, B&S should
  10. Thank you and yes, i will do so, i will try to avoid 6vs6 for now, even tho i love BG.
  11. I thank you all for the valuable inputs. i will consider all what you said and i will change my playing behavior so i can enjoy the game from a different perspective. From my experience when i played BM 10 months ago, it was fun in both 1vs1 and 6vs6 but since that time i believe the game changed a bit, and now like you said, BM cannot be a reliable class in pvp, if you are not highly experienced and you know all the mechanics and skills of each class.
  12. Hello, Recently i've been asking myself why i'm complaining too much about the game. Actually, i don't know what is true, the game is not fun anymore or it's me who don't know how to play? I have an average gear yet i suck in pvp, as a Blade Master most of the classes can beat me easily and people always shouting at me in 6vs6. So i'm writing here as my last chance before leaving this game, if any of you have any advice about how can i improve my playing behavior or how to have fun instead of just queuing all the time to race for material gathering, that wil
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