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  1. The existence of a possibility of being an agent is an agent who does everything possible to help them.
  2. Certainly, wanting improvement in the quality of the game and by the way we will not have. Certamente, querendo melhoria na qualidade do jogo e pelo jeito não teremos.
  3. All our knowledge about the trajectory of our connections is to reach its destination, our focus is a way to solve the problem of 95% of the players, with the objective of improving the quality of the players regardless of the geographical location that it is What I mean is that there are several other games. NA / KR / EU. Common VPN (WTFast, Pinggzaper, Semlag, NoPing, etc. etc.) we get a ping between 75-100 fixed. This was a complete cast of the comment you've seen. Thank you! Português: Todos nós já sabemos da trajetór
  4. Hello, I wonder if those responsible for the game Blade And Soul have some perspective for creating a new route for Brazilian players. There are a lot of Brazilian players in the game, and we are suffering a lot from the fact that the game is only for NA and does not have a latency route or something that reduces game latency, usually players play with a variation of 200-300 latency depending on the state in which it lives, using programs to reduce latency this variation drops to 130-200 latency, and this latency does not contribute to a better use of the game. We Brazilians do not
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