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  1. Not asking how is the playerbase doing I had to take a break from bns last time due to schedule, around when shadowmoor was the top purple dungeon. So, how did the game walked on the last past months? I used to have the needed usual 1.1k ap for things and was almost completing the event soul (from when warden was released) but regrettably failed to grab it. Is the game still punishing for those trying to catch up at least to "LFP worthy" level? What should I focus on, having stopped at R6, hm12 and around 1150 ap?
  2. Kinda offtopic but, what server should I be using for pingzapper? Dallas, closest to me or other?
  3. The spreadsheet on news (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y69EPPMZs0f22B6IaTL9zo1oWiyWapEc3zWde7KJMiQ/edit#gid=0) mentions being able to upgrade to raven 3 from a bale/seraph 12, but I am not able to find the option on my seraph 11 and maybe for 10. So yeah, this saves me the trouble of going after 5 empyreans but I'll have to upgrade my junk to stage 12 first.
  4. 1 empyrean stone is for upgrading to later stages of raven, where you can actually use the nebula stone Transforming bale/seraph to raven still requires 5 as its the only path available using the other mat (animus, forgot rest). It doesn't require premium stones though. Gold back to lower dungeons is the only solution I really wanted, back when I was still playing it felt like I could progress without swiping. Maybe more unbound mats as well, as I haven't seen them anywhere beside the weekly challenge.
  5. I keep seeing people praise that you can progress with this event, but I fail to see how (in my current state of stuckness). I quit when 55 cap was new, my weapon is a seraph 11 and about 1050 ap (nothing from BT so my dps is usually 35-40k), I thought I could finally upgrade to raven by skipping BT entirely (I had no fps for it before, and right now learning the mechs seems pointless with the absurd ap reqs). Raven transforming mat? Yeah I can get it sealed now, cool, but what about those 5 empyrean stones that will cost almost 1k gold? The only reasonable way to gain gold I
  6. I thought about returning to the game after upgrading my rig, but given the lamentable situation it is now, I better not even bother since I'm behind the 1.1k wall without raven like many others The 55 cap gold nerf was already painful, yet still manageable, the community eventually stopped complaining and nothing was changed. What a fool I was hoping it would be better this time, having some months past.
  7. I have the same issue, it's faster to just restart the computer since -Sometimes the xigntrash just won't go away after several minutes and the client will still hold memory -If I kill the client.exe, the entire pc freezes -If I open the game again, the pc freezes when xigntrash tries to start up again -You cannot kill xigntrash process
  8. The fact that we are 5 levels higher than before has nothing to do with gold earning, the bosses on these places barely took any time to kill and that was before 55. Nerfing the gold rewards just screws up even more the new players who needs the money more than those who can clear the entire roster of dungeons. And I really hope the bottom of your post is irony.
  9. Sogun last daily : 1g and some silvers Necro : down from 3g to 1g and the others 9 silvers Yeti, lair down by 80 silvers Masts down to roughly 2g with all 3 dailies (values without premium) EC and above no changes I guess Was this even specified on patch notes or known issues?
  10. I was thinking about returning as well, stopped at black tower raid which I don't remember the name lol, but my character was way behind that in gears, using the weapon true scorpio converted to and HM10. What's the state of the game with all the ddos mess I've been reading? Would it be better to just start a new character or its easy to set up with the new stuff?
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