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  1. It's because long robes/coats just don't look/preform well in-game. None of the outfits with long pieces of fabric looks good in-game.
  2. What they should do/have done is provide event tokens as a quest reward for people who leveled warden from lvl1. Like they did with gunner release. Have the reward come from the last chapter of act 7. That way the people that buy the vouchers can't take advantage of it since it starts them at act 8 chapter 1.
  3. I honestly have no idea which loading screen you're talking about. Could someone link/post the image?
  4. As much as I like the secret safes. It's really weird that they are keeping them in since, you know they DECREASED gold gain in the game.
  5. Ncwest won't even fix their servers. I HIGHLY doubt they wouid put in anywhere near that much effort to make a console port work. Unless Bns KR handles the console port i don't see this ever happening.
  6. After looking at the item upgrade changes. We're are going to need A LOT more elysian crystals to upgrade accessories. Ex: kings gloves will now require 105 elysian crystals to get to stage 10 if you use a red crux. Speaking of which if you decide to stage 10 the destiny ring/immortality earring for a red crux. You will now need 90 elysian crystals instead of the 75 it is now. So they're reducing the amount of moonstones you need by 105, but are adding 130 elysian crystals to the cost. Am I unlucky with elysian crystals and/or are people really just sitting on a bunch of elysian crystals?
  7. Lowering older dungeon rewards does nothing, but makes things more difficult for new players. You want people to do newer content? Buff the rewards in the newer dungeons! People do older dungeons because they're quick and easy. The same players doing quick and easy dungeons are STILL going to do quick and easy dungeons once this patch hits. Besides the only reason decently geared players don't do higher dungeons(ssm,hh,dd,rt) is because they don't want to deal with a pug group and/or their clan/friends aren't on. Once again lowering older dungeon rewards does NOTHING for this. Anyways removing
  8. A lot of people here(bns in general not just this topic) have not played many other mmos it seems. Because gear based p2w pvp is just how mmo pvp is. You want a fair competitive player vs player experience? Go play a fps or a fighting game not a mmo. In fact bns is one of the very very few mmo's with a equalized stats pvp mode. The only other one I can think of right now is gw2.
  9. People dislike summoners and call them scummoners due to pvp, not pve. Summoners are the most annoying class to fight in arena until you learn what they do and how to counter them. People love summoners in pve though because party res and heals.
  10. You can very much catch up/do end game stuff within a month. My clan has had at least 4 people start the game beginning~mid January and within a month they where raid ready(wep stage 8, and all 3 legendary accessories). Another month later and they are all Raven with both BT accessories(except for 1 because RNG is RNG).
  11. Unfortunately this is a negative side effect of the dev's rushing people through content and not thinking everything through. All of the requirements for every dungeon is incorrect(in terms of what you need to complete them at a reasonable time frame) and quite frankly you can join any dungeon as long as your character is lvl50 and has completed the required blue quest if it ask for one.Which leads to the confusion/misinterpretation that a lot of new players are having.One time when me and my clan mates recruited to fill in the last spot for starstone mines a fresh out of story with bale 1 and
  12. People only do heavens mandate when it's a Daily challenge. Their is zero reason to do heavens mandate otherwise. Because like others have said the loot you get doesn't balance out the cost of a white orb. Just to let you know the community has been asking to remove the white orb requirement and the item all together since obtaining a white orb is just not worth the time or effort.
  13. Based on the fact that you mentioned siren stuff. I can assume you haven't done Act 6 or 7 of story quests. Do those quests, mainly act 7 chapter 1 for a weapon that you upgrade into baleful(legendary wep that you will upgrade into endgame weapons). Then do purple dungeons in f8 for a full set of pinnicle accessories. With the update tomorrow( Dec 6th) the act 8 quest line gives full 1-8 msp legendary soul shields.
  14. you can nerf gunner, but only a little bit. IMO their damage is fine since that and alpha call is the only thing they have going for them. Gunner is already low tier in pvp because of this. They only have 1 escape and hook shot is an i-frame that you can miss and waste very easily. If it weren't for fire's tab into f burst they wouldn't be able to kill anyone.
  15. I am also not a fan of this ani-cancel based dps in this game. I main BM because it's one of the few classes that doesn't rely on ani-canceling.Made a destro alt the other day and it felt awful that most if not all of my dmg was from lmb/rmb canceling. Destro would of been a much more enjoyable experience if their dmg was based around longer animated moves that do high single/multi hit dmg and/or all the utility skills did more damage instead of 90% of their dmg being cc>hope you have good ping to ani-cancel.Like really if they intended for destro to be a fast attacking class they should of
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