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  1. Can't run, stamina bar gray

    Solved itself.. Merry Christmas!! Eat delicious! 😊👍
  2. I'm a summoner, HM 1 I tried other weapons but same results.. Please help, and merry Christmas! 🎅🌲🥂🍣🍨
  3. Some Concerns About The Removal Of Side-quests.

    I found myself in all the dungeons with same problem: people rushing through, not killing mobs. They just want to grind and get over it and push you, and generates 3 things: people logging out (wanting for you to be almost a professional player that has no life or has credit card, therefore, a high end gear), people AFK on purpose to farm at the end without lifting a finger, or/and rushing so you get behind doing side quests or killing all the mobs that run into you.
  4. Designer thread

    Why you answer that smug?. It says nothing and I don't know where to get them either.