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  1. Soulshields

    What would you say, full msp and higher my rupture damage, or 5msp 3 aman, getting 1k more crit hit( around 64%) will it be better? Thinking I'm used to use rupture alot, making it my second skill in charts..should I start trying to use it less and ge the 3aman ss?
  2. Soulshields

    Seraph st 7 Soul 1 True Scorpio Earring True Yeti Ring St 5 Oath Necklance Full MSP ss and that would be
  3. Soulshields

    Well In F2 I'm having 695 ap(835 ap with the new points system), with st7 weapon, got roughly 62% crit hit and 250% flat crit dmg, 123% acc, piercing I don`t know though, not having any equipment from new update, like mystic badges, or new badges, either bracelet, only Primal badge, the leeched delayed DV... , I'm staying with 10 points minimum into defence, and I have multiple tries with Ice build, BUT, i'm over using rapture , which is dps loss, I'm way too used to go 4F instead of going with shackle and bombardment over-use.. Right now in F12 with a dummy tanking turtle , I'm staying around 42k with burning out only 5 out of 50 DV + a couple of them which are not firing off like I'm not hitting RMB... my ping doesn`t allow me sometimes to be more efficient, sometimes my DV is like either ping/either mouse latency , isn`t firing off..
  4. Soulshields

    Well , as soon I will get use to Ice Build, gonna bring it here but till then, this is my dark build dps, don`t know how to improve more... prolly fps and ping, (130 mostly in good day) http://imgur.com/a/iWKPD , I didn`t have BB this one...
  5. Soulshields

    Hey, as the topic title says, I'm wondering which SS should I be using for a WL, a shadow build Got full msp, and I'm roughly doing 38k with 835ap, 250% crit dmg and 61% crit hit, st1 soul (while leech, w/o BB & SB I'm staying at ~50k , and with BB and SB , doing 4RMB, around 60k...), I'm wondering how can I increase my dps even more, I'm used to use rupture alot, and is my 2nd skill in dps charts always Should I start prioritizing getting st 6 soul over st 10 seraph? Thank you in advance
  6. BM Lightning DPS

    Alright, sorry for late respond, didn`t have that much time to play lately... So my thought would be that lightning build is totally based on fulimation effect, and animation canceling, I'm mostly having a 100 ping, tonight had 70-80 , and made this test, on mushin dummies, inside of Mushin tower, for not having other people messing with the latency with perfect animation canceling, I can get 4 RMB/LMB in 3s out of a LS, I have once seen 5 Fatty (with fulmination) Honed Slashes in a LS , but I might be wrong, dk if it's possible I would like to know what I'm doing wrong that I'm getting soo low dps compared with @xSavior for example ....
  7. BM Lightning DPS

    I'll be starting by saying I'm srsly enjoying the Lightning build, but I feel like it might be soo much lower dps than fire.. With around 650ap , 242% crit damage, 57% crit hit, I'm having an average of 15k dps with no buffs, and around 20 with SB, Awk Hones Slash is pretty impressive I'm using 5s MSP SS, 3 Oblivion, True Ivoryman weapon, Flicker Badge,HM LMB to get into draw stance and reduce the cd of Lunar Slash, Lightning Draw with Fulmination effect This way I can keep it up mostly staying in draw stance , running out of chi quite rare, but still dps doesn`t feel as high as fire(remembering I was 550ish ap , 190crit damage, 45 crit hit, and I was doing around 13-15k....with no buffs x_x, fire build ...) If anybody here is playing lighting build and could share some opinions about it I would appreciate if any kind guys would like to help doing some tests
  8. DragonCall Volume 2 (Skill Book)

    Well I can help you with that later in the evening , right now I'm at the office, I will glladly LFP with you , but on which server are you playing ?
  9. warlock cc skills

    Well if you spec into your block skill T2S2 if I'm right, when you are blocking it will proc your F skill which is KD, then you can use your X and for SB if you use it at begining you gonna have for the first adds, but not for the 2nd wave of adds, but you gonna have SB after 2nd time mechanics are done, so more burst in the time boss stays down Even in a 4m group you won`t have problem with the CC , IMO you are going to be fine
  10. Wind Build vs earth build

    Well got a 580 ap sum with 210%ish crit dmg , 56% crit hit, I'm doing around 14-15k without SB/Blue , at the begining of the SB till it ends my dps is somewhere between 25-30k... try to not waste Flying Neetles , playing with CTRL+F since my FPS is bad , so less fps crashes and with a 90-100ms latency... my rotation is usually based saving DnB for Overflow and 2nd skill since I didn`t find a clan to craft the pellet I'm still having focus problem from time to time...