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  1. Now they are saying it is not grantable since they were intended not to get them if I don't get them as soon as boss is dead. But I heard from so many people getting dynamic quest rewards from GM when they didn't grab them when boss is dead. It is just depends on which GM answers the ticket? As far as I know, they do restore items that you mistakenly disposed or salvaged. If we follow the GMs explanation, disposed and salvaged items are not suppose to be restorable since they are intended not to get restored, but they've been restoring them. So I am little confused what is restorable and
  2. Oh i see. The wording was different so i got confused. Thank you very much.
  3. does it mean i get 1350 AP????? it doesn't sound right :(
  4. First, lets talk about spec. Tiger Bracelet Triggers Tiger effect for 10 sec. on a successful Dual Dragons. +270% additional Attack Power Bonus on a successful Dragonchar or Blazing Beam during Tiger effect. Divine Dragon Bracelet Triggers Firewyrm effect for 15 sec. on seccessful Dragonblaze +135% Attack Power Bonus on Successful Dragonchar and Blazing Beam during Firewyrm effect. I have exact 1000ap right now. So if I wear tiger bracelet, I get 270% additional attack power bonus would be 2700 more damage on Blazing Beam. I understood
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