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  1. True, this will only be possible if they fix the lag and fps drops in 24man instances
  2. I played silkroad a LONG time ago so i don't really remember it tbh but this idea is similar to the one in a game called Perfect World International. and tbh i am sure no one in ncsoft will care about this post ....but meh i posted it for the sake of that 1% chance they might see it..
  3. Isn't it like that already? what i noticed in B&S when i first started the game is that most clans recruit players with 450+ or 500+ and then what? they don't help them gear up at all, what they do is that the high ap players in the clan do end-game dungeons and leave the low ap ones behind, low ap players try to find teams in Xserver but hardly anyone does blue dungeons or level 45 ones unless it's in daily challenge yes the upgrade cost has been reduced but will it matter if u can't get breakthrough items? and i don't blame them tbh because B&S is a very time-consuming game, the main
  4. That's why i said clan territory wars not faction, the wars shouldn't be limited to the clans in a certain faction, clans in both factions can fight against each other
  5. Will it ever be possible to add territory wars to B&S? I mean like having a weekly war between clans ( NOT FACTIONS ) over a certain piece of land and for the whole week after they get like half the fees that people pay to windstride to their "Territory" unless another clan takes that land from them in the next war and the fee that the clan gets becomes "trade-able" so that the clan leader can split it with those who participated in the war. It would be a good way to get clans names known and make people enjoy doing PvP. Most of B&S community prefer PvE to PvP...so what
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