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  1. Fps drop and can't fix it please help

    Click properties on game icon and check if you're running the game in compatibility mode. If you are, turn it off.
  2. Crafting pet pod with Bravery

    They were 30 bravery coins and 5 naryu tablets before patch change, Considering the time that passed since introduction of pets, they should cost less not more. Especially not the mats which are needed for PVE progress now more than ever.
  3. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    Have you seen a maxed out gear PVE summoner DPS? Compared to other classes, they need buff not nerf. I'm not even talking about base values buffs (because it would affect arena), but better modifiers on soulshields DOT damage (if you want to do it without fkin up 6vs6), or better weapon modifiers and modifiers on RMB (if you don't care about fkin up 6vs6).
  4. Fallen Aransu School Raid

    The 15 points are the best if you want to understand it. If you're leading a pug and need to give quick explanation, the best way to do it is to write: ">1st CC KD to get in SS >when in SS skip CC two times then KD on 3rd time" It works every time, since it's simple and short enough to remember and some of people already have idea what you are talking about. When it happens that most don't, it becomes obvious during normal world phase where they skip CC 2 times, instead of only 1 time, and sometimes people die because KD comes 1 sec too late before hellfire buff expires. So if you fail you can also try adding: "> skip CC only 1 time in normal world, then KD on 2nd" You can skip KD 3 times in SS to maximize DPS, but it is not recommended in a PUG because they might fail on the last chance to KD before SS buff runs out and everyone dies.
  5. Weekly box loot ninja nerfed

    OP is right, DC chest has been ninja nerfed and it's freaking terrible considering how many mats you need for raven stages and necklace stages. I know how often I was getting good rolls when I did it on multiple chars every day when Oil event mats were part of DC. Now you get nothing but soulstones or sacred orbs, maybe something decent every dozen rolls. It's the same with DKV chests.
  6. Can, but won't. Not with the orb RNG bullshit on the red side, where ranged tank has to do acrobatics while melee tank can turn to get stacks. Wipes happen despite everybody knowing everything and killing it many times. That's not "challenging", that's just an incredible waste of everybody's time until decent orb RNG happens. The least they could do is make aggro immune like on so many other bosses. We're also missing the SF lvl55 ultimate. The content release lag is terrible. And sorry, but badges should drop on every clear, along with necklaces.
  7. Starter Pack 1 week premium (239 ncoin)

    Ok now I see it too. It doesn't have icon, it's in text.........
  8. Where is the 1 week premium in 239 ncoin Starter pack? It was clearly listed on this forum. Bait and switch?
  9. This is the most unbalanced online game i've ever played.

    I hope you're aware that this doesn't stand, If you think you can PVE your way through PVP as ranged you're wrong. Or you obviously never hit a destro/bd parry stun, got gap closed behind your back stunned and locked by SF counter all at the same time every 6 sec, ran out of focus hitting into BM block, get fked by sin's decoy daze when he already has a dozen of CC available, or filled up KFM counters. More defensive abilities make up for the range, for the gap that needs to be closed. You can't go all in, fail and be on defense (unless you're bd). Bait out everything they have by starting defensively. And definitely you can't just PVE it as ranged, if you don't what you're doing whether you're sum, wl or fm, you'll waste all your cc into immune spins, counters and iframes. And as melee in PVP it's your main goal to make them do so. Dance around the cat as kfm until sum waste all CC, or go close and cc lock the cat along with sum, use your big skills to kill the thrall fast, let FM hit into your counters. Then just gap close them with pierce defense skill. Wait for sum to use counter, FM is completely open if he tries to dps more than use block, move around WL until you get behind his block, which is much easier if thrall is dead (lose pull, lose escape (3) + thrall Q stun which is like another escape).
  10. Soul Cost Reduction

    If they're unable to sustain the quality service without being questioned and frowned upon million times, they should cut the service for everyone once and for all. Sure, they don't have to do any of it for that specific person, but doing it for another makes them duplicitous AF. And in all seriousness, you can't claim that deceitful support is a good one.
  11. This is the most unbalanced online game i've ever played.

    Every class is 2-3 button mashing class in BnS, not just ranged, when it comes to dps. Is KFM with 2RF really that special? The only real difference is in kfms/bms' obligation to tank, i.e. knowing the boss rotation and using the iframes to get the perk of +100ap (with very high uptime) due to resist procs. If you think it's not rewarding, maybe you shouldn't play it. Sure, ranged people have the choice of switching off their brain, but that doesn't mean all ranged people are slobs. Some can do good job tanking some content when there is no bm or kfm, with limited iframes on disposal; and some will go full melee even when there is tank just to get those +100ap procs, which means they bothered to learn the boss rotation as well.
  12. Broken trove

    This is real? Ugh, now I can't think anything but the worst about the West side. And 40 keys is about 800g now, they wouldn't be even giving anything for free exactly.
  13. solution to this f2p vs p2w fiasco

    GL in the ghost town game. I can't say seeing 1 lfp post per minute screenshot at server peak time wouldn't be something to get a good laugh from though.
  14. Non-paying players balance issue

    Ok deal, take my money before new deniers come.
  15. Non-paying players balance issue

    Proio everyone knows you will keep defending wallet interests. But since items won't be taken, and balancing it out with f2p players would affect someone who can buy 1000 keys almost next to nothing, I don't know what are you even doing here besides being a denier. If you hate f2p base that much and trying to keep them from being content, when p2p at the same time got more than they deserved, why don't you just say so, so we can stop arguing with your emotions since you're not using reason?