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  1. best classes to duo ?

    my friend and I LOVED to use blade dancer and destroyer. I know you didnt get many clear answers on this thread so let this be one of them. Why does bd and destro work? They work together so well, each can help the other perfectly. For example, destro can grab and give the bd an easy lightning draw combo and dps. WHILE BD CAN PHANTOM GRAB, and the destro uses fury and you can say PEACE OUT to whoever that enemy was. Also, Spin team is best team.
  2. Why Venom Swarm?

    Hey, I'm an assassin in bns and am pretty fond of pvp. I've seen guides of assassin and have been using the popular venom swarm web build. Although it works wonders at times, I never really understood why. Most guides never explained how each ability plays a role in this set up so that's why I came here to ask. What is the purpose of venom swarm? Other than the damage I guess. I know it poisons but are there not other means to poison an enemy? That's all I was wondering, thanks in advance.
  3. We deserve compensation

    You both misunderstood completely, and zuzu. There won't be a next time, you'd know that if you didnt just read 4 words and decide to make an ignorant reply to antagonize the post. As for both of your points, saving the moonwater key was not something especially noted at all throughout the game, and that idea alone is besides the point. The point is that there ARE players who worked for that weapon, and those players deserve some form of compensation for their time spent considering the fact that the weapon is just given now. If you want an example of what I'm talking about, because you clearly both misunderstood completely, take league of legends for example. there was a skin called galactic Azir when the character was released, priced at around 1820 which was abnormal. Later, the price was dropped to 1350 and all players who spent 1820 were refunded the difference in amount, because otherwise it would have been unfair to those players. I hope this example helped you better understand my point here.
  4. We deserve compensation

    Recently I found out on my new destroyer that you get the 'Forgotten brightstone' weapon DURING questing. This is extremely unfair to the players who have spent hours upon hours on end farming this weapon from brightstone ruins, not to mention the players such as myself on my sin acc, who still are. (Been doing brightstone ruins for about a week now). I believe these players deserve either 1.) The forgotten brightstone weapon of their class in the mail, or 2.) some form of compensation for the amount of agonizing work and grinding these players needed to suffer through for this weapon. A weapon that newer players now get for free without any stress. I dont think there's any arguments to be set here, I love the fact new players now get the weapon free. I would never wish that much pain on someone, however I also think that the players who did suffer, and are still suffering, should be reasonably compensated. That's all
  5. The mistake a lot of players make is being ignorant to quitting players, and negligent to their reasoning. I am guilty of doing this too, and it makes sense. Seeing someone leaving something you still enjoy triggers something, but sometimes it is important to actually understand the reasoning behind certain things, such as why some players are quitting this game. I'm not even gonna bother with the pvp patch notes this week, because it's only my opinion that they were so out of line. I am so glad that the games you listed were absolutely similiar to the ones I played before as well. Like rumble fighter? We probably might have even met in that game man I used to play that day in day out. My ign was Igoogleit or something idk if you remember that But anyway, I am not quitting blade and soul, but I know a lot of good reasons other players are, so I decided to tell you here. And given that you have played the games you listed, you'll know what I'm talking about. 1.) Events? - Sure, bns has automated bullcrappy events, but I'm also sure you remember the rumble fighter GM throwdowns that players could take part in and it was a blast. Events like those, staff-player events, are what is missing in bns, and for some people, it's the deciding factor in a game. On that note, here's another reason 2.) Staff? - BNS is in my opinion, the most scarce in staff in game. I've heard this reasoning time and time again where my friends would tell me. "If their own *cricket*ing staff isn't enjoying the game, I don't need to either." is something a friend of mine said before quitting. I tried to argue that staff have better things to do like take care of numerous games, but to an extent he was right. When you see the lack of staff in a game your own enjoyment may take a hit. 3.) Pvp? - One huge thing in games and fighters right now is of course, pvp. Pvp is the literal single thing that brought league of legends to its number 1 spot in the world, because of the sheer size and balance of the game. (Don't kill me OK I know league isn't perfectly balanced). The amount the company Riot has invested into esports and other things has turned league of legends into a phenomenon, with more people watching it's esports than watching the superbowl! This is something ncsoft in THE US, is lacking. You look at BNS in Korea? It's a hit, a huge hit, people love it. The esports scene in Korea is booming like no tomorrow. This is partly due to honestly, the balance in the game. Arena is only balanced to a very slim extent. When you seriously consider level differences and HM skills, arena isn't so balanced after all. 4.) It's a KOREAN game.) - This is one of the more controversial reasons I've seen, but I think it is also one of the most valid. People tend to forget that Blade and Soul was made in, and FOR, South Korea. The fact that the game is localized will always be the reason it will not grow in popularity. The game gets patches later, gets less funding in the US, and is paid less attention in the US. Subconsciously, people that play BNS in the US will of course feel less important. Compare that to a game like Dota or LoL, which was made in the US, it's not much of a surprise that those games are the most popular right now. Those are four of the best reasons I have seen players quit BNS. Again, I have to note, I AM NOT quitting bns, I actually enjoy the combat (Which is what I feel is the only thing carrying the game forward right now). I realllyyy fear for blade and souls future once revelations is out, but fingers crossed NCsoft decides to fund the US version a little more.
  6. Stealth And Soul

    The score in the end is literally how much damage you deal, nothing more, nothing less.
  7. Should I come back?

    Im going to be solid, and honest. Everyone who is saying "the game is dying" threads is whining and crying, are wrong and ignorant. If you truly believe that those people are whining and crying, you need to reevaluate those threads. Many of those threads make factual and legitimate arguments toward the game to help the game, and not just whine and cry. I have played this game now for a while, I'm close to hitting level 50 and so I will tell you my opinion. This games early game was a disaster for me. No players in sight, no staff, nothing. However, I pushed through that torture to see that my effort was not in vein. Pvp gets very fun late game, you see more players late game, and you will overall enjoy the game more. Quite simply I will put it like this. If you care about content of a game, and what the GAME has to offer in terms of gameplay, come back, you will enjoy blade and soul If you care about the company the staff, how much help and interaction you will get. If you care about the underlying effect of an mmorpg, like social interaction, then you may want to reconsider coming back to bns. I still play bns and I really enjoy it. The competitive aspect of the game appeals to me specifically and the game is only improving with more frequent updates. I hope this helped you in your decision
  8. Stealth And Soul

    This thread is a mess. No clear objective with absolute subjective claims and no premises to back it up. Blade and soul is one of the more balances games out there. Pure and perfect balance will never exist in any game. I say deal with it.
  9. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    Thank you, among the chaos of responses I've been getting on this thread it was nice to see something positive. and hey! Im on Gunma too, add LlamaBlaze :)
  10. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    I completely agree, I wanted to follow up on what purogoneru said about how ncwest never has issues like this. Well I ended up doing a lot of research on NCsoft and its company and decided to look at their earnings releases for the year. http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ir/earnings.aspx In this IR archive you can download a pdf of their financial records. Pretty much what these earnings releases tell you is what games are getting ncsoft the most profit, what regions are getting the most profit, how much profit they are getting and what they invest in. The entire page is really well made and very interesting. You can see on the sixth page just how much ncwest is racking in compared to US. In fact, the US almost matches up with their royalty which is kind of embarrassing. I say check it out for yourself it is very interesting.
  11. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    I see, well you make some good points. The only decent mmorpg 15 years ago was Ragnarok online XD if you played that then hats off to you I guess It's my turn to try and then give up, I guess we'll just have to see how things play out
  12. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    I get your point I think you make a solemn argument. Without disagreeing, here is how I feel, along with hundreds of others. This thread actually got me quite curious so I hopped on to my group chat of 100+ people who are (More than I am) gaming veterans. I linked them the thread and gave them a backstory. Most agreed that staff player relations are key for a game, but the other side agrees with what you're saying and that sometimes a want for staff translates to complaining and whining. So we came to the conclusion that when the players do need to start asking or referencing a staffs interaction, there is a problem, and I think you can agree as well that if there were to be interaction and staff relations to begin with, there would be no complaining or pampering in any form. On that point, you did mention GM's have much more important things to do, and I must agree I am sure they are extremely busy handling one, if not many games. However, this may just be a problem with transparency, but we the players do not get to see much of anything they do, or in fact see none of it. It is this specifically that creates threads not similiar to this one complaining about staff, overall degrading forum post credibility. In fact, I would not be surprised if a staff member saw the title of this thread and though "Ugh another one of these threads." It is all because of the rhetoric set by pointless rage posts attacking staff. This is not one of those threads, and I am not in any way attacking staff. I am only seeking communication from staff and nothing more. o/
  13. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    You people are tossing out reasoning fallacies like crazy, enough with the cluttered speech and unreasonable statements. This was a serious thread and an attempt to aid a game. Enough with the "Just get out." or "just leave" You're not Donald Trump. I already replied to parenthesis about this and I don't need to repeat myself. To those who are trying to bash the thread and myself and attempting to disprove it, this is the best argument I saw so far and it was by Grimoir. He implied that all games are different and will run a different business model and comparing them is futile. He is completely right, in fact all games are different and can not be compared, unless we're talking about game analyzing. I stated in the thread I am a mmorpg analyst and this is where the line is drawn between comparing different games and analyzing them. I would be just fine with blade and soul entirely had it been successful, and the fact is, it is not. Sure immoral companies are just trying to get the biggest payouts for their investments, this is true. But the smart company knows how to keep its game going, and a long term investment means long term return. NcSofts current plan is a rush return plan where they're trying to milk as much money as they can for the moment and then toss the game out... they've done it before. But if they were smart, they would know how much more you get back in a long term investment in running a game. Though punonarus points may be subjective, he definitely made a great point in saying NCwest never has these issues, and he is right. You can compare the two releases of blade and soul and see the difference without a brain. It is clear that NCsoft is doing something wrong and It is already clear what it is. Those players who do not even acknowledge there is a problem will not be apart of the effort in growing blade and soul.
  14. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    You state this exactly, "The people here just rant because they have way too high expectations and want the publisher to change every little crap." Did you read this post? Of course, you may be referring in a more broad term, and if you are than I apologize. But player to staff relations is a simple lesson in game design, and if you consider it a high expectation than you need more experience with games in general. Again, you may have not been referring to this thread specifically, and if not I am sorry.
  15. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    Of course I am, and the question itself is only a buffer. In fact, If they were to come in here and say anything at all I would be ok. Because I havn't seen a single one. I explained my thoughts in this thread and I don't want to have to give you a life lesson. But if you don't like something, never just leave. Because if you do, you'll regret not at least trying to do something about it. If you can't accept that you can glady, and I mean this, ignore this thread. thank you.