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  1. And please god dont say "Hurdur theres circle and den of ancients" You know damn well those solo dungeons are not completable without some high high end gear, just add some nice and easy solo dailies
  2. Your game is dead its over too many mistakes it is what it is its time to now realize your game is dead and that requiring dungeons to be completed as dailies is not very feasible you need 6 people or a whale to carry you through these dungeons and you need to do pretty much all of them to get your CTA done. There are times Ive sat in f8 spamming dungeon recruitment for 40 straight minutes on a saturday afternoon (prime time) Keep the dungeons as dailies fine, but not everyone has over 6 hours on their hands to do some dang dailies Add solo content dailies PLEASE, youll have less
  3. Ive been playing bdo for years now and the organization of their website puts blade and souls to shame. all news gets jumbled up into one category and everything is just scattered everywhere, you can hope to get some information on the forums and twitter account but even then information is just scattered all over the place. Please, rework the website and start sorting things out, get a proper Patch notes tab up and running, and maybe start doing weekly patches like every other normal mmorpg. The fact that finding information on what was in todays patch is so hard is just a shame and it
  4. I have never had the honor to fight the laziest boss design you can ever see in a video game. You have this boss that has map wipe mechanics which is good and requires reaction speed, he has skills to dodge and a rotation to learn. But then maybe that wasnt enough so the single dumbest and laziest mechanic was added and its his bleed, and it appears that a bleed mechanic can be seen in many many bosses in the game and it really is the laziest way to add difficulty to a boss. the reason it is the worst applied on master hong is that you are already forced to dodge skills but if you get hit by
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