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  1. Just why the *cricket* you cant leave a party when recruiting?
  2. Title says it all. Is there somewhere that I can farm and sell the items that drop or the only way is to do endless dailies? If dailies is the way to go, as a HM7 with precisely 500 ap, which dailies should I be doing?
  3. After I started using Pingzapper to reduce my in game ping, I would often get windows "error" sounds in my headphones while no errors were showing on the screen - which is creepy as *cricket*. I decided to look into my task manager and investigate what could be happening. I noticed that PZservice.exe was still running long after I closed Pingzapper. I googled PZservice.exe and turns out that this process is able to "connect to the internet, record keyboard and mouse inputs and monitor applications". Understandably, Pingzapper needs to record our mouse and keyboard inputs, transfer it to its se
  4. I've already praised this game twice, now lemme point something bad about it... Way too many god damned currencies. Copper, silver and gold I can wrap my head around that, but all the other stuff? Valor stones, naryu coin, naryu silver, zen beans, faction insignia, guard insignia - oh look another type of coin - "can be exchanged for this", "can be exchanged for that"... Now lemme ask you this. Do you really need a currency for each and every item in game? I mean it would be better to have quests to get the items than having to carry all these coins and walk around trying to figure out which c
  5. Really all there is to do is to lower all settings. Other than that you could overclock your CPU or graphics card to gain some performance.
  6. RNG from level 5 all the way to level 50 is an absolute piece of cake. If you have any sense of working for something, you can progress from hongmoon weapons and accessories to true infernal weapons and accessories without the slightest problem. Or maybe I'm just one lucky *cricket* who can do that every time. But the way I see it, real RNG starts at level 50, which is only fair.
  7. Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, H1Z1 and pretty much all major titles featured on Twitch.tv right now have grinding and RNG built deep into the games fundamentals. And even though some people don't like to grind and many others claim that the boxes are rigged, most understand and accept that you are not obligated to buy these boxes - specially in the case of cosmetic items - and that if you won't grind, you won't rank up. And life goes on. Within MMORPG's communities, however, there seems to be this sense of entitlement, this feeling that some people have that there should be no grinding a
  8. I'm in South America 8,369km away and I get 150ms LOL
  9. I personally think that the RNG in BNS is fine. I got the entire sacrifice soul shield in 4 runs of the Tomb of the Exiles. That's 8 pieces in 4 runs. I got the Lycan outfit on the fly, while passing by and doing quests. I progressed through the main story seemlessly getting all I needed and I already got all true infernal accessories on my BM with some 5 days of playing. Now maybe there's some godlike drops out there that are really, really rare and that's what you're talking about? If that's the case I'm all in favor that superpowered equipment continue to be rare cause I don't like godlike
  10. When you spend 20 silver on the auction to get the Burning Flames outfit at level 38 and nobody bothers to outbid you, you know the drop rates are just fine.
  11. I've been away from MMO's for a long time. I'm just saying how it was back in the day. I don't know what makes you think that stuff should be guaranteed and 100% certain? CS:GO has boxes, H1Z1 has boxes, Dota 2 has boxes. Every game out there has RNG. Listen to yourself. You're talking about OUTFITS that give no stats whatsoever and you think they should be certainty? I was actually surprised that I got such cool looking outfits while levelling up, like the Lycan and Burning Flames outfits. Those are the kinds of outfits that you would have to sell a liver to get in Dota 2. But you guy
  12. Maybe it's the way you approach it. Sometimes you have your mind set on doing dungeon when you should be out in the field doing dailies and gearing up some more. Or vice versa. Some other times you have to grind lower level dungeons just to get accessory offerings before you can progress further. I am probably newer than you to the game, but one thing I've realized in it is that when you're having difficulty going down a certain path there's always alternatives.
  13. Coming from other MMOs like WoW, Perfect World, Lunia, Aika, Priston Tale and whatnot, I would just like to tell the people that complain about the game in this forum: you don't know how good you got it. This is one of the most forgiving, balanced, unexpensive, straight up EASY, quality MMO's in the market. But I shouldn't say "in the martket", cause it's also F2P. You can retrain your skills for free in 20 seconds time, while in most games you have to pay cash for it, and in some other games you have to grind the skills in order to level them up. Your items do not break or retrocede d
  14. OMG, listen to yourself. This is one of the most forgiving, balanced, unexpensive, QUALITY F2P games out there. You are free to retrain your skills at will, while in most other games you have to pay cash. Your items do not break or retroced during item evolution. Everybody gets an opportunity to have the best endgame items through the hongmoon evolution system. PvP is balanced. Literally everything is a piece of cake when compared to 99% of the games out there, and you are here crying because you have to give it a couple spins at the wheel before you get to your next guaranteed evolution? The
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