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  1. lmao, in which region exactly i played 2 other regions and we all have to rebuy. please tell me LEL
  2. NO, when i run zakan i like to request for 900+ HM10+ and need stealth+tank+bb+sb, or else ima just kick them outta the party :D
  3. So i was going across the character names trying to find a nice new name for my alt and with a bit of being bored and trying out random name i accidentally typed in the N-word... surprisingly found out that this term isn't banned from the character creation. if you'd typed it in on your own you will find out a lot of unappropriated names under that category i'm really disappointed reading this whole list of bad names created by players and think that NcSoft should really take some attention into these problems
  4. i recommend grammarly if you are using google chrome, if not i suggest Composition I. Best Regards,
  5. hi, ima raven 1 user here, tbh if i see a raven 6 user that does higher dps then me ill do the mechs on my own not bc of shame or anything, more like i know my place
  6. To start off an MMORPG game the best way to get in is to join a guild. There are actually a shit ton of ways that can help you on game so you wouldn't be facing any problems ====================================================================================== Google; your best friend since middle school Forums; where you are right now Customer support; they are actually surprisingly helpful, believe or not Guild/Clan; suggesting that you find a guild from your country or same mother tongue Other players; just ASK. ===============================
  7. I came from TW server where i first started, i go on forums to study and asked people to carry/teach me the mechs politely. Unlike some people that just goes in a dungeon because you have the required ap for the dungeon, moreover the best joke i have ever heard people switch their weapon to some shitty buy-ables just fitting the requirements to get in the dungeon. His reason was "because there are streamers that does that." way to go streamers. LMAO You dont just go in a private party for 800ap+ only and sit down and eat our food as if you w
  8. Sometimes i call for dungeons to carry some low ap people, in that case if you join please at least be polite and keep up. don't just stand there like a prick cuz i said this is a free carry. people that does that makes me tilt when i offer free dungeon carries. And now that we can't kick people in F8, low ap peoples are joining dungeon lobbies however they want. So i thought about explaining some F8 hidden rules in case some people doesn't understand how this works. 600+ means that you can join if your ap is over 600 750+ means that you join if you have over 750 ap
  9. cant see / kick peoples info in F8 also the wrong ap in F2
  10. if you would like to know, warlocks uses the power from their blood.... so you know a small cutting knife would always be handy.. watch ur wl in slow mo... you can see them cutting their fingers
  11. I have done mine in 3days, so yeah ill agree with him. leveling is ez but its just boring.
  12. thats cute, where do i sign up i have 807ap and my guild reqs 850+, crit soul, 2 legendary acc
  13. For starters, while galaxy is equivalent to baleful/seraph, galaxy continues into overlord which is equiv to raven, and yes galaxy is meant for pvp, get a seraph9 vs a galaxy9 you would know these w/ google
  14. http://lmgtfy.com/?iie=1&q=bns+galaxy+weapon+KR
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