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  1. Reached lvl50, I still don't like the game and I found more cons. Crafting is extremely bad, you have to wait 24 hours to craft a transformation stone, which makes them very expensive. There is no decent way to make money until you reach higher levels (48-50) because you have nothing to sell. You need 2g 50s to upgrade the weapon (lvl 45) and 2 gold for a moonwater trans stone so there isn't much left for teleporting. And the other jobs seem to really matter only when you reach endgame, some of them aren't important at all (like Earthseers, Merry potters, Silver Cauldron).
  2. I'm saying there should be mounts in the game, I'm not saying the game should be mount-based.
  3. Blade and Soul is one of the worst MMORPGs I've ever played and here's why. Every day I log in I have to insert a verification code to authorize my IP address, which is totally unnecessary. This shouldn't exist. Then I have to insert a secondary password (my bank account isn't that thoroughly secured). Traveling in this game is either boring or frustrating. There are no mounts, which should be unacceptable even for a game made in 2012. The sprint never lasts long enough for you to get the next town so you have to walk most of the distance. Teleporters have a 2 minute cooldown (what
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