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  1. umm... what? are you talking about pvp? I never used sb in pvp since TD much better and in pve it's a buff and shown proof above
  2. With all the correct badges and rotations and etc. ice is about a 30k dps increase over shadow.
  3. Seems fine to me. Seen 5 necklace, 2 rings, 3 belts, 3 bracelets within the past week. I also only run these dungeons once a day since I don't need anything to farm.
  4. If you aren't killing things easily at your gear then you must be doing something wrong. I'm a WL myself and all of those floors are easy even without using soul burn. Each floor should not take no longer than 1m with your gear. If it's because your ping is really high then reroll playing this class isn't for you.
  5. Believe it or not FMs not only are top, but can also tank if needed. Sure people want sb and the skill reset thing is broken currently and I'm pretty sure we will have another hot fix thing to remove the skill reset of sb. Whenever I run dungeons I'm always happy to see a FM.
  6. What you mean buff? FMs are and will always be top dps
  7. I'm guessing you guys have never really tested your skills on a meter before because I'm litteraly pulling more dps than before. Yes sb is a nerf, but WLs now have 2 awakened skills so it's a buff for us. Go test it on a meter and if you are doing lower then your rotation is probably not correct. Before: After: I have also also ran several tests and they each turned out similar
  8. Umm... what nerf? I'm doing more dps than before with these changes. The only skill I miss getting reset was bastion, but other than that it's really just a nerf to other classes. Also in pvp I never used sb in pvp anyway unless it's 6v6 so it doesn't really matter to me.
  9. It's not really a nerf to the class itself. To the party yes, but solo buff no. Its a buff for solo imo
  10. BM baleful Des baleful or seref (depending on build) SMN baleful or seref (depending on build) BD baleful or seref (depending on build) WL seref Sin baleful FM baleful SF baleful and possibly seref KFM baleful or seref (depending on build)
  11. We are not getting any new content and we will not be catching up to Korea at all soon. Why would you want to catch up so much? Do you not realize this will just ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ more people off for those who are still not at max gear yet since there is only a small percentage of who are?
  12. JP & TW are on the same path and haven't gotten them yet.
  13. For the gear you will want the blue moon badge + Enigma mystic badge + BT 3-8 set soul shields. If you are having huge problems with focus with these then you need to work on your rotation.
  14. What other regions have this? As far as I know only Korea does
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