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  1. Dear NC Soft/ NC West Tomorrow Blade and Soul will celebrate its entry to Eu/NA. Before we get to summarize of your successes and failures over those two years, lets focus first on the style you have chosen to celebrate that second anniversary. Should you listen? Well… its also my anniversary of playing that game for two years, with annual subscription on both, and plenty of hours given this game. We are to celebrate the time spent together right? So let me express how I feel about the party you just have thrown for us ;) 1. “2 much music Event” I can now choose daily more to my liking in that choice of 9. I do this quest meanwhile – It does not change my daily routine, does not impact my playstyle. Its unnoticeable. I will buy cosmetics for those tokens without even thinking about gathering coins or reason for their existence in the game right now. Other rewards… don’t need, don’t need, have plenty and don’t need, don’t need… eh…Not worth remembering about this event, now or later. Where’s the fun? Where’s the music? I still remember the purple train of 1st anniversary, this anniversary already feels forgotten. 2. Poharan dungeon event – A rift in the Supply Chain I was there on 4 man hard mode farm. Did you manage to recall those memories and make me nostalgic? Not really as even with true siren-true pirate weapons and accessories we handled it more efficient. You have changed my skills so much since then – you nerfed my class, massively nerfed a based dmg of my skills, then tried to give a bit of love by giving me trinkets. In the dungeon you took those away and left white damage and skills that are less efficient in comparison. I actually enjoyed the increased difficulty and the enforcement of the mechanic. Done this dungeon for fun on two characters, and sadly saw the big gab between the classes damage and utilities. But done, had those 20 min of fun and.. a feel like I am done with it. Not because of the difficulty or even the massive imbalance in classes there, but.. “Been there, seen that” and what would be my reason for return? Ahh… rewards right? Have, have, have, don’t need, don’t need… Shall I continue with a litany? No single item worth spending time there. Only exp charm that is useable but frankly… gathering combs enough for purchasing it makes it incredibly inefficient. Better spend time in HH, EL or Starstone Mines. It will be quicker and pays off better. Also far more forgiving and pugable. Or go farming Celestial Bashin for exp and mats. Wait, you say that not every character has a gear to farm IF, and new players may do it for a black gem? IF does not require so much, and you already made it so easy to get decent gear to enter it, I am sure most of them already prefer to farm IF for 4 hours to get that engine where the mechanic is far more forgiving or skipped. Poharan for them is not the opportunity, it’s a false promise how difficult it will be if they reach the end game. Don’t worry guys – vt is easier and bosses die there quicker :D Besides that, dear NC Soft/ NC West- do you throw that party for new players rather than people who stayed with you those 2 years? A tip: newcomers come to anniversary parties for free booze and a bit of fun. And you just skimped on those massively. As the “old membership holder” I popped in for nostalgic reasons but looks like that party is already dead. “Time to move on” is the feeling you now enforcing. 3. Crafting changes You have removed the achievement requirement – unannounced change that just killed the profit. I can again craft on low level characters with least financial input, and flood the market. Earning gold on the market was difficult before, and only ability to choose economical version was allowing for a very narrow profit. Now, with people having many alts and crafts due to previous event, everyone is self-sufficient. Why not to remove tradable from crafting at all and stay with account bound? Not only its not worth to craft but in most cases market tax is making us loose gold on each sell of cartable item. Hope you enjoyed my letter and consider the arguments and their validity.
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Making false disclosures in order to manipulate the price is actually illegal. People have spent cash in order to obtain n coins based on official announcement.
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    So lets quickly calculate it... Right now we may use square gems and upgrade it before the patch to get 1 powder at a cost of 10 radiants, 8 noonstones, 5 mysterious crystals. To get one powder. Thats a cost over 135 g for materials only, gems not included. Or we may do daily for 8 days straight to get 1 powder. My 8 days are worth even more. If you do not wish for anything else for those solar energies of course, which is rarely the case. By limiting the source of powders so much, you just increased the price for 1 powder to ... my guess would be well over 200 g. So please again repeat you wanted to make that change so gems would be more available to players :D
  4. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Agreed. Real money used which makes it more interesting by the minute
  5. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Market in game reacted to stream within seconds. We did math and investments based on official information regarding the game changes. We managed to do that math in such a short spam, but you have failed to do it in preparation to the update? Cmon. You make mistake - you own it. And in cases like this - suck up the cost rather than try to put it on the players straight out. Before your announcement radiants were on the market for 16-17 gold. Information about the pet was misleading too. Now I am awaiting your news regarding pet pod prices that are going to change a lot next 2 weeks due to hmcoin exchange rate... Amazing interference into market prices, manipulation. And FRAUD
  6. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Yes, there is imbalance and devaluation of gems. Same was with each decrease of costs you announced previously, causing a rift between early upgrades and late ones. But this time its an outright misleading information, that cause people to invest in items that are worth far less. We were also analyzing markets, and based on that bought/sell items in game. You drastically changed the value (once again) of the item, as well as your own assurances and announced changes that do not take place. Fraud. By definition. Interesting approach knowing Korean law regarding fraudulent actions in online games....
  7. Cost For Changing Weapon Paths

    Isnt NCsoft backing away from those lower costs for beginners though? Cost of legendary weapons weapon was reduced in Secret of Stratus patch Last patch actually doubled the prices of lower tiers of Galaxy upgrades though. It far more expensive and troubling to upgrade for lower lvl tiers of the weapon. To show an example lvl 4 Galaxy requires the use of weapon material, some mats that did not change but then TWICE as much Elysian orbs and Secret orbs (went from 10 to 20, and from 40 to 80 respectively) and 3 times as many silverfrost transformation stones. So they actually increased the costs of upgrades rather than keep lowering it overtime. Of course one can try and use another path which Jonathan described as cheaper, but surprisingly it requires exactly the SAME amount of materials as the upgraded introduced in Stratus patch. With one significant difference: instead of a weapon you would need 3 smelting orbs which costs 4500 battle points. Farming that amount of battle points with weapon stage 4 is both time consuming and inefficient. And for that amount of battle points you could actually earn quite a bit buying boxes... So even that path seem to be more expensive and time consuming than what we could do just 2 weeks ago.... Guess we may expect similar changes sneak upon us as inflation rages in BnS...
  8. The cost of Galaxy weapon after patch actually INCREASED in comparison to the one that were in effect after secrets of the stratus item changes. It was supposed to be opposite and those costs usually lowers when time passes. To visualize it: stage 4 to 5: Regular path pre patch (cost from ): 50 gold, 1 silverfrost transformation stone 40 secret crystals 10 elysian crystals 10 legendary elements 30 galaxy fragments After the patch regular path requires : 15 gold (ok, this one is reduced) 3 silverfrost transformation stone (increased by 2) 80 secret crystals (increased by 40 so basically doubled) 20 elysian crystals (increased by 10, doubled again) 10 legendary elements (same) 30 galaxy fragments (same) New path that was supposed to be LESS expensive materialwise now costs same as pre patch but requires 3 smelting orbs instead of weapon, and slightly reduced price in gold.
  9. Compensation?

    It is not really a matter of false advertising, but product liability laws. This trove departed from its intended design (already confirmed by BnS administration) and it was sold as such (exchange via ncoin has cause-effect and monetary value) - so the product liability is clear. Which legally does not leave much options - the customers (players) would have to agree on anything else than full compensation. And since we access BnS based on adhesion contract, we have quite a few laws and institutions protecting us in this case.