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  1. Online community no matter where you are will always be the same. There will be bad, and there will always be good. Most of my experience over NA is good. As long as you ignore faction chats and actually find people you will be abe to find great ones. i say you play whichever server gives you the lowest ping. You will come along with great people. Theres toxic people everywhere but some people decide to put up with bad ones and think the whole server is filled of them. And if you run into bad ones, pass them along and ignore them.
  2. Empty threats. Nonconstructive feedbacks. I think you should quit. Doesn't mean you can't come back, but for now it's best for you to quit.
  3. Is it worth getting the true heart? As of right now, I don't think the 1boss AP would make much of a difference with the effort of trying to spin the wheel, but will it be used as a base material and upgraded into another item? Kind of like Solak soul going to Stage 4 Soul. Any ideas?
  4. Easy rule to follow which I follow. If you recruited through F8 with MOML my orb my loot, then I know you have orb and will pass all loots. If you just LFPand tell me moml after you used orb, then I will bid if there is something good. I chanced somebody might not have the orb. If you whine about me bidding then go make a party and recruit.
  5. What are the chances of Raven Weapon reduction coming on Feb 7 patch? If I upgrade now, would it be worth it?
  6. I dont see why you take so much effort to post this here. Even without the stream claiming ring and earrings are for PVP mainly, if you dont want the earring because it is trash --> DONT GET IT?
  7. Cold snap is not a debuff skill. It is a skill that enables your 2 to cast faster without delay. Fire burn is a debuff. Cold snap is not. Another players cold snap is not your cold snap is not your cold snap so you cant consect cast. Fire 2 says while target is burnes you deal extra damage. Frost 2 consec cast while your Z is active. If you do main frost I recommend having a count and get used to how many 2s you can hit with a single cold snap. Thats how the game works. Not a bug.
  8. Rmb lmb f always do dragonblaze. Shuffling between stances are no excuse. Get in the habit of rmb lmb 2 instead. Then rmb lmb 1. Then rmb lmb x v lmb x. Then rinse and repeat rmb lmb 2.
  9. Will all the existing Draken legendary accessories be transformed into Draken Core on patch day? Or will they be completely removed and we have to farm the Draken Cores?
  10. People are likely to post a concern or bug or question or frustration on the forums. Like you, most of anyone who likes it dont have the need to posr on forums. That is why most of the forum posts are negative.
  11. What is the point? TAB has straight out 150 perc theat. Raid still do. It is easier for BM to get threat buff now. Spec it. "Bm since the beginning"
  12. Currently, I dont know if Collossus would be strong for lightning BM because VT soulsbueld doesnt decrease Flock of Blades cooldown. Which making it not worth it in my opinion. I wanna use VT ss because of flicker damage and the 15 perc cdr on tab. Im thinking undying would be great. What is the best soul badge for lightning BM if Im having VT soulshield and VT badge?
  13. Sounds like a child swiping their parents credit card for the first time.
  14. If it is intended, then it is not a bug, if it is a bug then it's not intended. Please...
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