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  1. @Raizou ohh and what did he do? he sent a mail to support@bladeandsoul.com too? or what did he do :o and thank you for being the one giving serious answers
  2. Did someone ever recovered his account after something like this? I just want to know that..
  3. I received a message that said that I had some coins to spend before it expires, and that I had to go to soulgm.com, I checked the page and it looked well done so I trusted. After I logged I went to my mail for the verification code, but after some minutes I received a mail from NCSOFT support saying I changed my mail and the old one cannot be used anymore, that means they stole my account, I cant log in anymore. Anyone know a solution to this problem? I sent a mail to support@bladeandsoul.com saying what happened. I just want my account back.
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