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  1. No Jedi mind-tricks here. Anyone seeing a collision breaking, collapsion up in the roads? With so called "us." ( Because, every day somethings, alittle further off. : c ) Yellow. / Really isn't much to tell. i'Ve always known Blade & Soul's luck, of building a community. Went off as a freelance community type... Still, some gladly stay around, & simply? Do what they can. An try to make their time, in-to something. i Really don't have, a lot of offal things to say. Because the play-style, & ideals about how this game should be played. Significant
  2. i Do not like these green eggs, & ham.. i do not like them here, or there.. i Do not like them anywhere. ; P i Dare say, i want to be like?? A-little nice about it. lol Yet, i am. Complaining here too. o /
  3. Yup, arrived in the forums. Just to see if anyone else had this "invalid item". (With the boxes, & wheels) - o-- i Want all, the weapon skin for this class. But they're invalid. what a tease..
  4. iT really does look like a mistake, & just a bug with hardmode. i'M sure the intentions is for normal mode to be set up easier. No need to be arrogant. c : iT's all, going to be okay.
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