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  1. update: cats ap is back to 515 for some reason.
  2. New update = no more NPC names

    I think it is something with NVidia settings. I have the problem of disappearing NPC and party member names when i change the settings to max quality. You will be standing there and all the names will disappear after around 3 seconds and you can do 360's and they appear and disappear.
  3. This is with my much better stats.
  4. I think they nerfed the cats ap. My cat was 500ap with ally cat now is 443 and i gained more ap, crit dramage and hp since last time i checked. I posted this on janauary in the who the hell uses clawnado when i had 778 ap. Im pretty sure my cats ap was 500ap with ally cat. Now i am 802. My bombs away is doing 29k crit now instead on 34k with my increased stats and my clawando is only hitting 5.9k each max hit.
  5. My Thoughts On the Summoner

    i understood what you where trying to get at. I'm just saying a true dedicated healer isn't necessary become the game is heavily into mechanics and by doing them right you are usually given a heal. Most of the time if you do end up dying its from not dodging or doing the mechanics wrong. Usually when advanced players die, their health goes from 100 to 0 in a second. Having a dedicated healer doesn't seem like a bad idea though. If they had a class where people knew they where going to be the healer of the party from class choosing that would be awesome. It could cause more dungeons to go smoothly but could cause too much dependency on the healer. Healers would be very important in learning 6m runs. This game is a lot about beating the dps meter also so the lost of dps for a healer might rule them out of dungeons. Although you did say usually healer classes have the option to choose between damage and healing.
  6. The 600 AP Wall

    I don't think you want to buy the soulshields from f5. The good shields are untradable and from purple dungeons. I think you are looking at soulshield primers which enhance your soulshield effects.
  7. 64 bit

    Im not sure, works for me the first time i updated the game. I have an I5 6500, gtx 1070 and 16gb. If you can't find it then i don't think its your fault.
  8. 64 bit

  9. Playing 2 position in 2nd Foundry Boss

    What the above people said... Use seed shroud (4 ability) a little early so by the time the projectile hits you the 2 second duration of seed shroud is almost up. Then use super seed shroud to save your team and feel proud of yourself. Don't be scared to use seed shroud too early cus you can just use your 2 escape and stay stealth-ed and the cd will be ready on seedshroud. Using 4 too late is the only way to mess up because it wont be off cd in time.
  10. Usefulness of Class(es)

    You forgot to put kfm and fm can ice root bosses too! I feel sorry for your sister getting kicked even for making the cut. I enjoy a sf in my party and the summoner+sf combo makes for a really clean run. Plus SF is pretty good for driving and does some pretty decent dps! Their buff to increase others hp temporarily is super helpful for NF. Those people who are kicking SF don't realize the protection you get from a SF! Best party of a SF in NF is when the last boss doesn't reach the boss in time by 1 second and a SF self revives then itself with charm attacks boss once then group revives.
  11. My Thoughts On the Summoner

    I wouldn't really want any specific target healing abilities because i choose this class to DPS and play this game because of all the dps classes. The only thing i read when choosing the class about healing was its ability to life steal for itself and the cat. I would prefer the class to go farther away from healer since my party does a great job staying alive and the only thing i need the 60% healing for is to keep my cat topped off. I would more enjoy protecting my teams hp instead by killing the boss faster before they die. As for the guard duty, i think it would cause problems like your cat not attacking the right opponent or agro mobs you are trying to skip over. The cat doesn't do much damage either without activating abilities. Other races can be summoner if they give us lyn KFM or Lyn Sythe!
  12. Redesign Summoners please, game suposed to be rated M !

    I understand how you feel about the cat summoner from crying. I think i should be more amazing like this. BOOM! Cat is summoned!
  13. VERY ANNOYING BUG-premium users

    Happens to me too. Have to re-log every time to fix this.
  14. [SUGGESTION] Min. AP for Dungeons

    If you don't want a low player entering your dungeon then don't go through lfp. Recruit in the lobby. Plus if you wanted to put a cap on "lfp option" through dungeons i think having a completed dungeon cap like you have did it 10 times.
  15. RAM Configuration

    lol ty for correcting me