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  1. How is possible that people still don't accept that performance wise this game is in a very bad place VS the visuals and the quality? By today standards any PC at mid range should run BnS at max with 60 FPS in a 24m Raid. Sure you can throw more power to "fix it" but the problem is still there.
  2. I guees you could manage some classes but with that ping most are going to be a no no. I'm stuck as Destro with shadow combo (e+ hold left clic) due ping too and mine is around 140.
  3. If your ping sucks yeah, those changes are a damage lost.
  4. While I understand stuff can happen and I don't mind long maintenance times (even when is a whole day like FF14), can you stop saying "1 hour more" when at this point it's cristal clear that you don't know? Admit that there is no ETA and keep us informed but don't give us "false hopes" 4 times in a row.
  5. 6vs6 is all about gear, burst and who proc first certain stuff.
  6. Main perk behind multiple chars is crafting, you can also gear them to do stuff but to be honest you are better off focusing in one or doing the most profiteable "chores" with some. I have 6 and I used all of them and I kind of regreat it, I burned out myself. Anyway, If up to you.
  7. Reality: Population is not that big + most people is alergic to commitment. Anyway, alternatives to non legendary upgrades for casual players are a good idea.
  8. For real... of course is RNG! But with enough samples you can do math and show % for every item inside those packs.
  9. Stop saying is not that hard for an average please, if everyone and their mother earn 200g per day (or more) gold value will drop simlar to other regions.
  10. A this point BnS is pay to win from a PvE prespective due ToI. Anyway this allow players to snowball since good gear will reduced their farming times and grant acces to earning better rewards, not because they are good but because how much gear can carry you. So while a regular player will need X amount of time a overgeared whale will do that stuff in half of that time and earn better rewards by doing it. Another problem is gold and extreme rare drops like legendary acc, they are so rare that our bid system don't work. Yeah you gain a good junk of gold but how knows when the damn t
  11. To me BnS is a guilty pleasure (my main MMO is FF14), the game itself is average at best outside his combat and unique aesthetics. It's worth a try but know that if you are a PvE player any other MMO out there has much more to offer than BnS.
  12. Their description in game say so.
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