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  1. My mother, she is everything for me, she call me from years "Dungi" (from dungeon). She know, when i am on dungeon, i dont care about ANYTHING !!! :) what about the song, anyone like it :D ? Amazing song for Indian god queen Kali :)
  2. The mechanic on the game is this, that only 10-15 ppls in the guild not work :) . Will give you expample. In SWTOR, our guild was ONLY 16 , 4 tanks, 8 dps, 4 healers, all hardcore players. I remmeber , this is one of the greatest story for mmorpg , one of our healer ..him wife bron 2 childs, (men). He send me sms "will late for the raid, give me 2 hour). After 2 hours and 40 min he was ONLINe, we start the raids :). Thats it. In this game, bns i mean, everywhere searching for ppls, because everyone left this game :). Dont learn me on anything else :), because ....i see :P [M
  3. the problem is, that after 6 months, this game is dead :)
  4. The problem is , that this game 6 months after release is almost dead :)
  5. I am too lazy to answer on everyone ! To person, who ask me, he is lvl 33 , soon you will have big problems :). I was lvl 50 hm 6, its pay to win, i even dont want to tell how much time i play on day ... Look, dont give me wrong, BnS have the BEST FIGHJT SYSTEM in the world, they are NUMBER 1. But everything else is totaly disaster !!!! About Revelation Online, all EU/NA are totaly crazy, i never in my life wating with soo much love, hype ...game .... I got the last pack, and i hope to reg first the nick Jack the Reper :D
  6. One world ---> p2w I love to grind at all, but here is madness ... Trying to get red mask, around 70 runs (70min) , nothing ... Everything i in this game is "pay", "pay", "pay". I quit, and i am very happy for me, feel free now. I hope revelation online to be better game ( i will be occultist) :) Cheers and have fun with this shit
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