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  1. I see what you're saying, and although the word itself may not be a male dominant name, however, for me the name comes from a form of "Jase" which is my fathers nickname as his name is Jason. He and I have both been using this name for other male characters on different games when "Jase" is already taken.
  2. $15 for a gender change AND another $15 for a name change? That's ridiculous. A name change should be included so you can change it to the appropriate gender as well. Every other game I've played integrates them into one.
  3. I recently bought a gender change for my warlock. Was originally a male but is now female. Before the gender change, name was Jaìse. During the changing process, I noticed there was no way to change the name as well with the gender change. Due to this issue, I now have a female character with the name of Jaìse. I believe a gender change should come with a name change as well so you are able to change the name to match the gender swap. Having a female named Jaìse just isn't right and it honestly makes me almost not want to play that character. The only reason I still do play is because it's my
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