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  1. I understand why price for RU/EU/NA is higher than for other servers as there is no rng upgrade for us but why You have decided to use pet packs instead of e.g Transformation Stones/PTS/Jewels and basic materials like other servers? Also Why it doesnt require any soulstone crystals or sacred crystals. I thought we were already over from that imbalanced system and were following all 4 basic materials upgrade. It would be way better if this item costed for instance 30% less msc and ec but required thousands of ssc/sc.
  2. Unfortunately we are getting "new" trigilded gem and 96 powder (cost of new trigilded assuming its like octagonal now is 92 powders) instead of bigger refund (making trigilded now costs 404 powders) But It's better than nothing! I will take approximately another 2k gold to make squares from it!
  3. I never heard of other gem cost reduction, if this happened only once and now it's going to happen again why not follow old rule? No one was complaining about this, gems are the least impactful and one of the most expensive things to acquire which makes them worst way to spend your money, its not soul that is huge dmg increase, it's minor change that You won't even notice. I think that's the reason why they did refund it in past and now it's the same story. They are more like cosmetic feature than gear, they don't make outfits and then tell you to upgrade them with your money because they adju
  4. You seem to not play long enough to understand what I said. In past when gems cost was reduced everyone who previously made those gems was granted powder back, that is why I don't understand why this time it should be different, especially that devs seem to care more about playerbase than in past.
  5. Last time we had "gems rework" players got gem powder back to compensate their effort for making gems by their previous (more expensive) price otherwise they would lose huge amount of powder compared to players that were making them after "rework". Why this isn't the case now? Talisman item seem really not EU/NA price-wise as we are going with balanced system of using all 4 basic materials instead of outdated "only msc/ec". Also why would it require pet packs instead of TS/Jewels, pet pack as it's own name suggest should be used for pet item only which is pet aura.
  6. Not as mathematical calculation but as in game examples. Every user of VT neck 10/awk3 that changed to Prophecy says that they have noticed significant damage increase (Some people say 50k some value it for over 100k). But not a single person I've asked about it (and I was spamming chat to gather data) said that they lost dps. I got this information from various people. People that have event soul, p2w soul, true cosmic, true tiger. People with and without TT accs etc.
  7. I appreciate your effort and this math do seem to be correct, but sadly something isn't right in these calculations or there is additional factor(s) that matter. As we already know that prophecy neck is way stronger than VT neck (assuming your crit is around 90%+) and we've got news from KR that ET neck is either really similar to prophecy or worse. I love mathematical proofs but "in game" we can see that this summary is missing something.
  8. Thanks for your effort in translation. There is post to which I was referring: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/aic36f/is_it_worth_it_to_get_prophecy_neck_now/ As I mentioned in my first message, my class is summoner. I've had picture showing modifiers on raid accessories, sadly it didn't include ET neck modifiers, only VT neck (15% on insignificant source of damage) . But as BT/TT accessories share same modifiers just different % I can assume that ET neck is also buffing "Rosethorn" which is 4% of total summoner damage. These modifiers plus neck stats and effect makes
  9. Thanks for your replies but this isn't correct as far as my research shows. Currently on KR many people are still using Prophecy neck over ET neck due it's being simply overpower (or ET being underpower) which is an issue just because raid path is way more resource heavy and if it doesn't offer better dps what is the point of having it? I barely care about VT neck as I mentioned, I've upgraded it only to prepare blue crux. I'm fine with it being weaker than prophecy (even though resources needed are joke) what I'm not fine with is that ET (new neck from raid) is weaker than prophecy. Pleas
  10. I've recently (2 weeks ago) upgraded my VT neck from stage 3 to stage awk3 in order to prepare blue crux for upcoming ET neck. I was aware that prophecy neck is currently "BiS" (which should not be in my option due to materials required being way cheaper than VT neck). I made this upgrade over prophecy neck because it was (at least I thought) more than logical that new neck that is coming soon (ET neck) has to be stronger than prophecy (and we can not acquire blue crux by salvaging prophecy neck). Unfortunately for me few days after I made this upgrade post on BnS Reddit appeared which compare
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