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  1. Its complicated mate. So I don’t have all my items on max stage. So i just can’t use Sacred Crystal and Soul Stones for Legendary Elemental or Legendary Jewels. So we have a problem in transmute becouse i get golden jewls or element and i can’t use them for nothing. So again NCSoft ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up everything. I don’t know why they do all the time mistakes. Now F2 its not work correctly,becouse someone witch must thing and test before put the pach in original server is idiot. i don’t have a words for this guys. BG is not work correctly too. I send them petitions with good suggestions
  2. So Hello Dear Admins or whatever, Can you explane me why you make Elements and Jewels more expensive then 20 gold? Do you know how much cost all this "Legendary Jewel/Element Alternate Cost In addition to the existing 20 Gold option, you’ll be able to purchase a Legendary Jewel or Legendary Element from the Dragon Express for 10 Gold, 30 Soulstone Crystals, and 15 Sacred Crystals." ? 30 soulstone crystal ??? 15 Sacred Crystals??? I need some one to explane me !!!!
  3. more 3 hours what a joke omg why we pay for NCoins and accounts when they didnt work normaly? I can't belive really. Blizzard are better then NCSoft.
  4. You are right dude :) i agree 1000%
  5. Dear NCSoft, i wanna ask how much dmg more you will give to a BD,Destro,BM ??? So you guys remove from summoners but give to BD,Destro,BM. So now they make more dmg then before. How to fight against them ??? I play with SF and i cant found the right answer. BTW Force Master need more power give them MORE MORE POWER!!!!! So i wanna answer i pay every months and i waithing for answer. NCSoft i waithing !!!
  6. non stop DC from the server OMG wtf NCSoft are very pro with this. They just do something and destroy everything.
  7. how to take Challenger when npc kill me with 2-3 hits??? nwm this game is pay to win nothing more ... maybe if i give NCSoft 5k euro i will run all tower The NPC in TOI is so OP only ppl witch pay money run this normaly
  8. But i wanna get Challenger Soul Shield. So how to get it when NPC are so powerfull
  9. i have 660+ AP,3 parts Sparring ( i cant take a challenger soul shield) wich i have almost 1k CD. what i must have to play normaly???Maybe if i give 1 000 000 Euro to NCsoft they will fixed this stupid tower. btw i can't take challenger becouse after 27 flore i can't kill the stupid NPC. All the time stun,every 3 secounds stun,daze,KD.If is FM all the time freeze no matter what.Destro all the time stun,every 3 secounds,For summoner or BD,BM i will not speak becouse BM,BD all the time air combo no matter what i do. So this is normal???? FrozenB witch server you play?
  10. Hello Dear Admins, i have a questions about Infinity tower. When infinity tower will be with normal power i mean that the computer is so powerfull. Resist all the time,CC every 3 secounds. So if you are made this tower for Destro,Sum,BD,BM oke i will undurstend. I play with SoulFighter i have 1k Crit def and i die so easy from the NPC. So i ask when this will be fixed? You need money to fix this? Tell me i want answer. Its realy impossible to play like this. I'm almost ready to quit this game becouse of this. I spend money here and i can't play . So my name in game is
  11. what you want ??? your cat with full HP,invisible all the time maybe super OP skills?
  12. Will have more fun then now dude. Now is just borring!!!
  13. Hello Mr. NCsoft Admins, i wanna ask why battleground is only 6vs6? You can't make battleground something like 40 vs 40 or 20 vs 20 or 10 vs 10? I thing is not so hard. You can make more pvp's maybe capturing the flag will be great. Sorry but my english is not so good. I hope you can undarstend what i said. Just is so borring 6 vs 6. Btw you do something with ppl witch join in blattleground fight but just stay afk .
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