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  1. Hello everyone, We are now accepting teams that want to join the EU BG Tournament, the prize pool is 200k gold and might be increased. The top 15 teams (if we get that many) will be rewarded as follow : 1st 50K, 2nd 30K, 3rd 20K, 4th 12k, 5th 11k, 6th 10.5k, 7th 10k, 8th 9.5k, 9th 9k, 10th 8.5k, 11th 8k, 12th 7.5k, 13th 7k, 14th 6.5k and 15th 6k. If you would like to join the tournament with your team or know more info about it please join https://discord.gg/Vr8SVaX or https://discord.gg/ZpsmCZA