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  1. Cumbersome Login

    So, is there any way to opt out from the pointless, time consuming login practices? First I have to manually enter my password. Ok, it doesn't save it, but this is pretty standard. This is fine. THEN I have to go check my mail, copy the code, paste it on the launcher every damn time I log in and after that I have to insert a damn pin! This is way too time consuming and annoying, it's completely pointless and it bothers me a lot. Can I opt out from those annoying checks somehow?
  2. State of the game?

    1. Not like this. 2. Too much mess. Too many tokens, potions, talismans, food, keys, charms, crap... one of the worst cluttered games I've ever seen. 3. Bullshit. 4. So... are melees on the same ground as casters on Skypetal now? 5. k. White knight spotted. I guess it's the same crap as it was before. Thanks for the answers, guess I gotta find another mmo to fill the void.
  3. State of the game?

    So, I stopped playing months ago. The reasons were the unbearable farming, the inventory cluttering, the shameless P2W, the censorship and the class unbalance (especially in the much needed faction wars in Skypetal Plains). Now I'm thinking about coming back... have those problems been addressed? And how's the population, is the game dead yet or it's thriving?
  4. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    Roughly in severity order: - Atrocious grind - Censorship - Atrocious grind - Melee classes are *cricket*ed up and at a tremendous disadvantage to ranged ones. - Atrocious grind - P2W - Atrocious grind - Alt unfriendly - Atrocious grind - Unbalanced pvp - Atrocious grind - Lack of too many basic quality of life features (shared wardrobe, shared bank and so on) - Atrocious grind Edit: I forgot "atrocious grind".
  5. "RO has packages THEREFORE B&S is not p2w." I can't even...
  6. What happened to esports?

    e-sport on a dead game. lol.
  7. why add a dps meter?

    Because the game isn't toxic enough already. And to give a purpose to the KFM's "Focused Fighting Spirit" skill.
  8. Summer Groove Fixed for Gon female

    Less fat butts = better
  9. Dungeon leavers

    You have low ap.
  10. Another one bites the dust

    You're a fanboy in denial.
  11. Another one bites the dust

    Except... adapting it to the western market was *the* reason (or one of the major reasons) behind its 4-year delay. Apparently, the "adapting" just meant censoring the peeping tom sidequest. I actually had 2 legendaries (Illidan's blades and the dragon's daggers) on my main character and 1 on my alt (Thunderfury), in WoW (I stopped after Cataclysm). The farming is not even close at what's in B&S.
  12. Another one bites the dust

    I don't think so. Game is getting emptier by the day. Oh, again this deeply flawed reasoning. Not at this extent. Not even close. Not western MMOs, in any case.
  13. So, I just quit the game after coping for too much for too long. Here's a quick feedback, my two cents on it and the reason why I finally quit. Game is good. The combat is awesome and it controls magnifically. It's old and dated, but stil beautiful due to its peculiar art style. The classes are tons fun. The world and the background are really interesting, and the story is quite good despite being full of tropes and some really bad dialogues/choices. Oh, and the ridiculous, inexcusable, awful politically correct censorship. I also don't care about hiding outfits into RNG boxes sold in store. Outfits aren't really a big impact on the game. Of course I would prefer not to see them hiden behind yet another rng, but as I see it, it's a good way for ncsoft to make money without resorting to scummy practices. Except... those happened anyway and the game is full p2w. Everything is plagued by the insane grinding for everything. RNG is bad enough, but weapon/amulets evolutions requirements are insane. Market is *cricket*ed up. The scarcity of some materials is inexcusable, and the way some classes are at a huge disadvantage in farming them is untolerable. The whole Pay2Win issue is horrible. Locking crucial HM skills behind a paywall/crazy grinding is also something that should not have happened. Bots and spammers are still rampant and still very annoying. Servers are horrible and the lag is atrocious, and the engine is really poorly optimized, causing huge fps drops even on high-end PCs. My clan was very, very active at some point. Now it's just me. Everyone else quit because of the insane grinding and the impossibility to progress. Most of them were premium, too. I said classes are fun... too bad this is crushed by the fact that alts are absolutely NOT viable in this game due to (again) the insane grinding required. But the last straw for me was... this rng event. I can't stand gambling. I have coped with everything else so far, but seeing so many oceanic weapons destroyed finally crushed my will to log in the game. Such an unfair rng in an event was really a stupid idea. But I guess I should thank you for that, since it cured me from my silly addiction. I finally am able to see all of it as wasted time. Well, so long. At least this teached me to never touch a ncsoft game again.
  14. Dear NCSOFT,

    This is really funny.