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  1. These people saying 'oh the event is awesome, you are the ones who can't handle mechs'. Yeah sure it's easy for you to say when you don't rely on f8 to do your stuff, most people do that cause they play only a couple hours a day and have a life. All we (who can't handle mechs) are saying is: for an anniversary event this shouldn't be so demanding.
  2. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Well I tried for hours and even with everyone alive could'nt finish her before enraging.
  3. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Not worth the time and poharan impossible to kill before enraging. This event is a joke.
  4. Even for NA people it's extremely hard/impossible to finish this event.
  5. Aniversary event laughable

    Impossible to do it. Spent hours and couldn't kill Poharan.
  6. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    Impossible to kill Poharan with that ap cap. I tried for hours and she keeps enraging even if we don't die. It's pretty ridiculous.
  7. I also have them on alt and this change would be amazing.
  8. Feb 14 Client.exe not showing up again

    Yeah it's unplayable again. Since the last patch every day is a surprise, they should send us an e-mail saying "Hello today you can play" or "Hello today you can't play". Someone call me when they clean this mess.
  9. - Ok I know there must be many posts about this kind of thing here but there was no suggestion option when I tried the support so... - Playing this game from South America is very frustrating. In order to play we HAVE to pay some kind of VPN and most people just quit because of the horrible ping (even with the VPN). I would like suggest a mirror server or SOMETHING in South America because it's a huge amount of players spending money on VPN instead of spending on the freaking game. For example I would love to buy premium every month and support the game but I don't see how I can if I already have to pay (VPN) monthly just to be able to play. I really don't think they realize they are actually losing money, so yeah, it's a sad story.
  10. Server down?

    Same here. They should improve their servers not only the absurd delay now these dcs.