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  1. Yeah I get you, but that's how you gotta play it if you don't want to PvX. I've seen a few skillbooks drop in BSH and I don't really run it that often, but it's all rng. You can also do other stuff like mushin's tower. It's like 3-4g if you beat floor 1-7 with all the quests, plus it might drop something like a honorary ornament, which sells for 10-12g typically. You can also do lots of dailies, chich the chest have a chance to give gem hammers generally. Basically just do everything you CAN do and take it at your pace. If you don't like to pvp, then you don't really need end game gear a
  2. Sounds like you need a clan or some friends to run stuff with bud. We ran a Masts in my clan with my wife in party when she had 408 ap. That said I was just giving an example. You could farm BSH for skillbook volumes to sell, or lab for hae mujin's essence, or East Fleet Supply chain for siren bracelets which, last i checked were selling for 14g each. There are so many things you could do other than struggle in a pvp faction quest you don't enjoy. If it's not PVP that you hate, but gear dependent open world pvp, you could go arena to farm soulstones. You can farm a
  3. So,if I do the purple dungeon dailies I make ~30 off them. This is just the daily quest rewards. This doesn't count drops that you can sell etc. For 30 gold I could buy ~150 soulstones. That's in one day. If you legit don't want to pvp, there is a hell of a lot of ways to get the money for what you need. This game requires you to farm and fight. If you don;t want to do one or the other you will have to do your preferred one with twice the vigor. If you can't/won't do either one, then you should simply expect to fail. The faction uniforms are pvp flags. It has be
  4. Well, the citrine, amethyst, and sapphire are all also farmable in misty woods...all the time. Also, the events where you can get the gems were mostly the same as the rng boxes....RNG. The simple fact is, the aquamarine being the sole exception atm, all the flawless gems can/could be earned in game without paying a dime. I got the ruby, sapphire, and perdiot all from the daily challenge bonus training bag event. That's just how RNG is, sometimes you get lucky (like I did during hm training pouch event) and sometimes you get screwed like a lot of us are by the current event (wh
  5. I get it, believe me. I am a Crimson Legion player on Mushin. Just like I have been the killer, I have been the killed. I've been jumped by groups of 6, 15, even 20 blues while just passing through. That said, if I don;t want to fight anymore or i don't want to get yanked off the tower before i load anymore then I take off the uni. I get that it can be frustrating, but people acting like it's "so awful and unfair" to attack someone who is flagged up for faction pvp is just ridiculous. I certainly appreciate your level headed approach to it.
  6. Wearing the mask has nothing to do with fearing consequences. I would kill you all the same even if you could see my name. What it does do is prevent annoying ass people from spamming my whisper box with shit like "die of cancer in real life" (which is one of many real things people have said to me for killing them in places like misty and ssp) because they are salty they died. Sorry, but not all of us want to waste our play time blocking angsty 12 year olds who are pissing their pants over dying in a video game.
  7. All classes can, to some extent, deal with chill stacks in limited supply. The main issue with FM is they can indefinitely reapply chill stacks. For classes like sin specifically if our E/SS is down and you are not close enough for us to Q an attack to evade into stealth, we are SOL until the freeze wears off. The other issue is that chill locks out all of our approach skills which includes our longest iframe. Without our approach skills we cannot use our 1 (Shadow Dash) to enter stealth even if we position swap you with turning leaf Once you have frozen us in place you can si
  8. This has less to do with the mechanics being hard and more to do with the increasingly obvious fact that the NA gaming community is socially inept. If people would communicate at some point before they spew a toxic stream of obscenities at someone for not doing something that they themselves could also do this wouldn't even be an issue.
  9. Depends on your definition of "appropriate" Seeing as the bare minimum to complete without enrage timer shenanigans isn't the same as the amount to comfortably complete within the time limit with margin for error which isn't the same as the amount to easily cheese your way through.
  10. Because people who want to do Asura in True Profane don't go find other people like them, they queue into parties with people who do not want to spend 4 hours slowly chipping away at 7 million hp bosses with a toothpick. I am not a gear elitist at all. If you are reasonably equipped for the dungeon you are in and know what to do or are willing to actually listen when people explain it to you I am fine. That said, when someone dcs or leaves a party and we recruit a random. and someone in all infernal equips joins my asura party (this actually happened) I get angry. I get angry
  11. All you need to do to beat an ice build FM is never get hit ever. I am saying that mostly in jest, but the matchup gets a lot more unpleasant once they land that first skill that grants frost orbs. Once they get frost orbs, you are punished with chill stacks whether they hit you or you hit them. I wish I could give you better advice, but I am simply not very good at handling FMs myself, assuming the FM is played by someone with a pulse.
  12. I mean, we could explain why FM is absolute cancer to fight against. Between the frost orbs, the absurd power of the chill debuff that you can perpetually keep stacked, the no cooldown stun, the two long duration iframe ice blocks, both of which can heal, the long duration antiprojectile/healing field that is divine veil, and the fact that you class is obnoxiously difficult to use a combo on even if you waste tab because you can escape web if you are webbed to the ground... Or we could link you the vids from high level tournament play where FMs shit on sins. Or you
  13. Grinding does work. Whether it's enjoyable to you or not is a totally different question. That said, you have more than enough ap (and I assume your other stats aren't total garbage, which may or may not be a fair assumption) to do anything you want pretty much. If you simply don;t enjoy playing the game then there is nothing to say, move on and be done with it. If you like doing the dungeons, or screwing around in open world, or arena pvp then play. It's honestly pointless to post this thread, especially when you have convinced yourself that progression
  14. I mean, it looks how it should to me. It's just ugly, as are the vast majority of the dagger/razor skins.
  15. I don't disagree with you there. To many people taking the game so seriously. Just do whatever you enjoy.
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